Sunday Jul 20, 2008

Facebook Garage June Update

If you are unable to attend the Facebook Garage in London, held every
month at Sun's London Theatre, then fear not......we have replays you don't miss a thing...hoooray you cry.

Go to Facebook Garage now and catch some of the sessions

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Saturday Jul 19, 2008

Facebook f8 - Live Streaming the keynotes courtesy of Facebook (UK), FG London and Startup Essentials

Facebook UK, Facebook Garage London and Sun Startup Essentials bring you a special one time only, chance to be there as the f8 Keynotes are broadcast LIVE from San Francisco CA. We'll be streaming Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), and Ben Ling's (Director of Platform, Facebook) keynotes about the State of Platform and where its headed in the future - and tickets will be FREE

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Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

f8 - Watch this space.

F8 Event
Watch this space, as next Wednesday night if you are in London we may have a special treat, just working with the Facebook Garage team and Facebook UK to bring live coverage of f8......good old Startup Essentials, helping to support the Facebook community, did you know their are over 5000 facebook applications running on OpenSolaris ? So watch this space.

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

Facebook Garage May Winner

Facebook Garage - May Winner

month, Startup Essentials UK hosts a Facebook garage in the Sun London
Briefing centre, with an average of 100 attendees I believe this is one
of the largest regular gatherings of Facebook developers globally...I
ply them with beer and pizza and they all discuss Facebook as a
platform and new opportunities within it.

The latest aspect to this is a prize for the best FB app and this
month it is Kristian Segerstrale - Playfish (roll of drums now ) 

Friday Jun 06, 2008

Creating social applications in a browser for dummies like me

Zembly is the world's first collaborative environment designed for creating social applications, now how cool is that, working in the startup space this makes me smile oh so much 

zembly allowers users to collabaoratively build, publish and host Facebook apps, Opensocial apps, Meebo apps, iPhone applications, widgets, Google gadgets and other social apps on the web, all from a browser. Thus dummies like me can compose mashups and be more creative without having a brain the size of Russia.

Instead of the standard development cycle of pain that has been used for the last 40 years for application development, with zembly the new future is here now, edit-publish-use, just like this blog, write-publish its out there. I can edit it live by hitting "edit" and the changes are reflected now !!!!

So, even I can do some creative things in the new platform world, allowing me access to creative tools so I can express my how do I do a Mashup of where the nearest Starbucks is to work again.

This is why I work at Sun, we do cool uber cool things...... 

Friday May 02, 2008

Facebook and ID theft - Good Old BBC

The BBC's technology programme Click has exposed a security flaw in the
social networking site Facebook which could compromise privacy.


Check this video out from the BBC, some good reporting and outlining how even in this world we live in today, we still have issues around Identity theft that have to be addressed and resolved.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

FaceBook API - Does this create a new eco business opportunity ?

Interesting article on Facebook, and how it has opened up APIs and services, my thoughts and comments. 

Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in

On May 24, Facebook launched the newest version of the Facebook Platform,
a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and services that
allow outside developers to inject new features and content into the
Facebook user experience

Above extracted from Marc Andreessen blog 

I found this a refreshing and interesting article on how a social networking site, can really embrace its users, but also open up commercial opportunities for everyone, transforming itself from not just being a social networking site, but a medium for all to share, by allowing developers to build rich and deep applications within a framework it opens up that social networking aspect whilst helping en richen the investigation of social networking analytics to  drive targetted viral marketing.

The applications such as iLike, show our favourite music, by opening up these applications to facebooks 24 million users, means there is a possibility to start building a demographic pattern to target these users, as the applications open and expose more of our personallity, thus allowing or the possibility of deep market research.

What intrigued me was the sheer growth of this, extracted from iLikes blog below:


"In our first 20
hours of opening doors we had 50,000 users sign up, and it is only
accelerating. (10,000 users joined in the first 12 hrs. 10,000 more
users in the next 3 hrs. 30,000 more users in the next 5 hrs!!)

We started the system not knowing what to expect, with only 2
servers, but ready with backup. Facebook's rabid userbase chewed up our
2 servers almost instantly. We doubled our capacity to catch up. And
then we doubled it again. And again. And again. Oh crap - we ran out of
servers!! Although has a very healthy level of Web traffic,
and even though about half of all the servers in our data center were
sitting unused, idle, as backup capacity, we are now completely maxed out.

We just emailed everybody we knjow across over a dozen Bay Area
startups, corporations, and venture firms in a desperate plea to find
spare servers so we can triple our capacity for the continued
onslaught. Tomorrow we are picking up over 100 servers from different
companies to have them installed just to handle the weekend's traffic.
(For those who responded to our late night pleas, thank you!)

Today was a critical day in iLike's history. The Facebook Platform
enabled us to build a service that in a single day matched and beat the
impressive traffic we built on in over 6 months. iLike is now
growing at more than twice the pace it was yesterday, and accelerating.
Fasten your seatbelts everybody, here we come! :-) "

 That is a phenomenal growth, and has enabled them to grow exponentially overnight,  with my  brain kicking in gear, they had to grow quickly as they host their service, Facebook  opens up the API but only  allows the third party to serve through them, thus the third party is responsible for delivering their application.  Thinking with my Sun hat, that is a lot of servers,  could iLike have been served via our Start up Essentials programme ?  Are there other  Facebook developers that could  utilise this and build in a model for growth ?

This new world of social networking and growth, is changing the face of the internet, but also opening up so many opportunities for people, to develop something they believe in will change the world and open it up to serve all.



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