Monday Nov 02, 2009

CMS - Startup in a Box ?

Free and open source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and Joomla have given entrepreneurs everywhere an opportunity to bootstrap their concepts quickly and effectively. What's the difference between them, and which one is right for you? Let's take a look.

Joomla - This CMS is very popular and freely available as an open source software package. It can be used to design Web sites, community portals, online magazines, corporate intranets, and even e-commerce sites. Out of the box, users can build data reporting tools, inventory control systems, product catalogs, business directories, and more. You don't need to be a technology whiz, however, to use Joomla. To get a feel for how easy it is, try this interactive online demo.

Mambo - Another open source option on the playing field is Mambo, a CMS with Web- and server-based installation options. Its template system means there's no complicated coding required but, because it's open source software, you can customize, tweak, and get as technical as you want. Mambo handles media content like images and video exceptionally well, and has a robust content publication scheduling feature to help keep your site fresh and updated around the clock.

Drupal - This open source content management system made headlines recently when it was announced that the White House uses Drupal to power The basic package is loaded with tools to create all kinds of terrific Web sites and portals, but when you include the free add-on modules things really get interesting. Use Drupal to create e-commerce sites, podcasts, newsletters, picture galleries, forums, message boards, and more.

concrete5 - For many startups, an online presence is mainly about branding and selling your company's message. When that's the case, many entrepreneurs wish they could find a CMS that's meant for marketing. Concrete5 may be just the ticket. Designed for "regular people," not developers, concrete5 makes setting up a Web site as easy as sending an email. Down-to-earth editing tools make it possible for someone with no developer experience to build and edit a quality Web site in minutes. That's a terrific bonus, since most startups don't have extra cash lying around to spring for a professional Web designer.

Most open source content management systems have the same basic capabilities and features, and mainly vary in level of difficulty to set up and use. The easiest way to determine which CMS is best for you is to try their online demos and play around a little bit to get a feel for which one best matches your computer skill level. No matter which one you choose, each project has a healthy community of developers and users at the ready to help you get set up and troubleshoot along the way.

Flickr image courtesy of Marco Belluci.

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Monday May 11, 2009

OpenOffice site uses Drupal to host OpenOffice Extensions (Wrapup Drupal Media Camp Aarau, Switzerland)

 drupalmedia camp

Wrapup from teh Drupal Media Camp in Aarau. A big thank you for the interest in the presentation. The presentation "OpenOffice site using Drupal for management of extension and templates (A user success story)" is now available for download.

A big thank you to Thorsten Bosbach who is the actual site manager. He helped a lot making this presentation happen.

Greetings from the Switzerland Sun Startup Essentials team, Patrick Liechti, Stefan Schneider. 

Monday Sep 01, 2008

DrupalCon - Update

DrupalCon 08

 Not made it to DrupalCon08 ? Want to see what Sun is doing in the Drupal community ?

Drupal Efficiency - Optimise the stack

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

Looking for an easy way to deploy a Drupal project?

So you are developing web sites using Drupal and sometimes deploying the whole project on the web server is a kind of complicated?

Well, the good news is that Netbeans 6.1 can probably help you.

Netbeans is one of the most popular development environment for Web applications and it now supports JavaScripts, Ruby, PHP. In addition, there is a Netbeans plugin that is now available and that takes care about this type of issue.

On the same page, you will also find a second Netbeans plugin to help you develop a Drupal module in the case you want to extend Drupal features.

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

Drupal for Enterprise hosted by Startup Essentials in London - over 90 attendees

Drupal for Enterprise, what an evening.

So if you read this blog regularly, you will be aware that Startup Essentials in the UK, ie me....and now Matt, host regular community events in the UK to help support Facebook, OpenSocial, Ruby on Rails and Drupal communities as fundamentally these are the building blocks for a lot of startups to launch their company.

The latest event I hosted was Drupal for Enterprise at the Sun CBC facility in London, where we had over 90 Drupal community members partake in an evening of information sharing, across 8 presentations that went well past 9.30 in the evening, and then spilled onto even more discussions outside the theatre. Interesting enough from this event, it was the QA around why is Sun interested in the Drupal community ? Why is Sun helping startups so deeply with Startup Essentials ?

These are simple questions to reply to, we are an open vendor, we contribute more back to open source than any other organisation, we help support Drupal as a community and are doing more to help enrich and drive that further. Startup Essentials is a programme to help startups, not only just with great hardware and hosting, but also networking events, PR and introductions....its a way to bring large families together to share information and resources.

So would you like to see what you missed out on ? Go to Drupal UK and review the presentations now, want to be made aware of more events like this then go to Startup Essentials and join now.

Are you already a Drupal user ? Want to know how it scales on a large Enterprise platform ? Go HERE now.

Monday Aug 11, 2008

DrupalCamp India

DrupalCamp India Sujit Nair was at the first ever DrupalCamp in India. There is a slow but increasing uptake of Drupal among developers India. Sujit gave a couple of interesting talks on Solaris & NetBeans support for Drupal. You can access the content here (for NetBeans) & here ( for Solaris).

Friday Jul 18, 2008

Drupal for Enterprise

So being part of the startup community, I hear loads about Drupal, how
cool it is, how flexible it is and how its so widely used, and also the
fact that Sun supports the Drupal community across the globe and that
it scales so well on Solaris.

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Monday Jun 30, 2008

Scaling - Do Startups really need it ?

Who needs Scaling, not me ?

I attended an event a few weeks back called "Top Cats" hosted by Paul Walsh and I bumped into Richard Tyler from The Telegraph, as usual with these types of events you have a little catch up then discuss whats happening in the Startup Space,  myself and Richard discussed Scaling, do companies need to think about it now, we both agreed its an aspect of a small startup company that get's pushed to one side as their isn't time to think or plan, its all happening to quickly ? Richard quoted a fantastic video that the BBC made on Firebox in 2000, and the message in that still stands the test of time today.

So as a Startup, how do you plan for Scaling, what happens when you  bridge the chasm and find that users, useage and power are being consumed so quickly that you are in danger of crashing and losing your business in 24 hours, well its easy you talk to me !!!!

Without being a blatant advert for Startup Essentials, a few hints and tips that has worked for companies already that I deal with

1. Think Scaling long term growth now, to late when you are at near capacity and spent all your cash.

2. Investors love due dilligence and a credible business plan, that shows costings for short and long term growth.

3. Investors get even more excited when you show that you are thinking these aspects and are working with a large global enterprise vendor to overcome short and long term challenges.

4. We are a Startup, been their, have the t shirt and know the pains, but also we have expertise in scaling and architectural build out that we talk about everyday to key accounts, these same engineers can help you as well.

5. Then once you are scaling and ready to take on the world, work with our global PR Engine.

To read the full Telegraph article, go here and also watch the video from Firebox as well, some fantastic elements within that ring true in 2008.


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