Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

Free Startup Webinar: An Introduction to Sun's Developer Collaboration

With over 30,000 members and 6,000 projects, Project Kenai is an open service from Sun Microsystems that allows you to host your open source and closed source projects and code, and collaborate with distributed teams. With Project Kenai, your startup has the ability to host up to five projects and use collaborative features of your liking, including:

  • Source Code Management (Mercurial, Subversion and Git)
  • Issue Tracking (Jira or Bugzilla)
  • Forums
  • Mailing Lists
  • Wiki
  • Download facility
  • Chat, and a lot more!

Topic: An Introduction to Sun's Developer Collaboration
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Time: 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm UK / 5:00 pm Central Europe / 9:30 pm India (New Delhi) (check timezone)
Speakers: John Brock, Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Internet Technologies

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Monday Jun 15, 2009

Twitter Developer Nest - NY and London

This month we’ll be running Twitter Developer Nests on both sides of the Atlantic within a week of each other:

Wednesday 17th June will see the Twitter Developer Nest: New York, 5:45pm at The New World Stages
Register for NYC Twitter Developer Nest

Tuesday 23rd June will see the Twitter Developer Nest: London, 6:00pm at Sun Microsystems
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Twitter Developer Nest is SPONSORED by Sun Startup Essentials - Helping grow and support the startup and developer ecosystems

Twitter Developer Nest: New York

The first New York event especially for the Twitter development community will take place on the evening of Wednesday 17th June at The New World Stages. The event is focused on bringing together people who are already developing applications on top of Twitter or who intend to start building a Twitter application in the near future. It’s the opportunity for the community in New York to celebrate development success and share challenges.

This event coincides with The 140 Character Conference (@140conf)  - Exploring the disruptive nature of Twitter, 140 characters at a time. The Twitter Developer Nest: New York will be taking place immediately after the end of 140conf in The TONY Lonuge at the same venue - The New World Stages.

Speakers / Sessions:

Twitter Developer Nest: London

The third UK event especially for the Twitter development community will take place on the evening of Tuesday 23rd June at Sun Microsystem’s Customer Briefing Centre in London. The event is focused on bringing together people who are already developing applications on top of Twitter or who intend to start building a Twitter application in the near future. It’s the opportunity for the community in London to celebrate development success and share challenges.

Speakers / Sessions:

  • - AJ Asver (@_aj), Scoopler
  • - Andy Young (@andyy), Groupspaces - Selective Twitter
  • - Show & Tweet - Eight 140 second demos
  • - Food, Drink & Networking
  • - More to be confirmed

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Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

You looking to recruit high class developer ? one that worked on iplayer.....

Are you looking to outsource some of that development work ?

Are you unable to get the correct skills or person to finish that project off ?

 Well a good friend of mine, who I can vouch for, is available at present and has the following background and skills.

- 10 years of development experience, have worked in BBC iPlayer, eBay product development, Many Startups in UK, USA
- Development using PHP5, Zend Framework, PHP Dcotrine (ORM), JQuery, Smarty, MySQL, Memcached
- Database modeling, Schema/Table Designs, SQL Query development
- Expert in managing the complete Development- Integration -Live life cycle of product development
- Capable of developing application from web tier to backend

- Development using Java 5, Spring, Hibernate, Web services (I was involved in BBC iPlayer product development)
- Have developed products in media, Social Networking, insurance service, betting, telecom service delivery domains

- Hands on in UML, Class diagrams, Requirement analysis, scrum planning
- Proficient in Development and maintenance of products on Solaris, Linux

Contact me directly stewart.townsend(at) and Ill do an introduction for you.

Friday Dec 12, 2008

Even more FREE hosting & Bebo's Developer Challenge

Bebo's Streisan Chapman joined us at the Sun sponsored Facebook Garage London earlier in November to discuss Bebo's developer and social opportunities.  Missed it? You can catch the video here:

Adding to the valued partnerships and great offers to the community, we are happy to announce yet another FREE hosting offering, this time for Bebo's developers.  Go here for more information.  

If that was not enough, Sun is also happy to provide the prizes for the best new engaging Bebo application. The judges are high profile bloggers and entrepreneurs, Frank Gruber, Dave McClure, and Jesse Stay!


Click the image for all the information - but a particular highlight is:

"The Contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia), Canada (excluding Quebec) and the United Kingdom who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry and are registered members of "

Good Luck!



Tuesday Sep 16, 2008


What are you doing on the 9/10th October ?

Do you want to attend 40 talks from companies such as Sun Microsystems, Flexiscale, Yuuguu, Yahoo, Microsoft and Good Barry ?

Would you like an invite to attend the hottest web2.0 parties of the year ? - Media Temple / FOWA Party on the 9th and the Digg / Facebook FOWA Wrap Party on the 10th.

Would you like to come and see the Sun lounge, surf the waves and find out how Sun can support you as a startup ?

Well join Startup Essentials now and you can get a FREE exhibition pass to Future of Web Apps, yes FREE. 

What do I do ?

Sign up here, and put the tracking code in FOWA08EXPO once approved you will receive your code via email to be used for sign up.

Rules are -

Trading 6 years or less.

150 employees or less.

Based in the UK.

Thursday Aug 21, 2008

How can Sun Startup Essentials UK help support startups

startup business plan

For anyone that knows me, Iam the man in the shirt that runs Startup Essentials in the UK and above is myself looking at the dilemna I face

We Need You

Well to be exact I need to inform you of what Sun can do for you, and you need to tell me does that help ? What more can I do to help you grow, scale and be successful ?

So to start off, what does Sun microsystems do ? To me its simple, we are the best vendor in the world to work with, we don't compete with you, we are a global organisation full of bright people who want to help and make the world a more interesting place, that uses less power and heat but gives us amazing technology that keeps reducing in size but scales beyond belief.

\*We are the biggest contributor to Open Source on the planet

\*We invest over $2bn in R&D year on year.

\*We design our hardware to be resilent, beautiful and simplistic to install and manage

\*We are open, OpenSolaris, OpenStorage, MySQL, Glassfish, you get the picture.

So what does Startup Essentials do ?

Simply, it helps you interact with all the great things about Sun, that differentiates us from other vendors who can provide you a server, delivered to your door. So here is what we do !!!

\*Sell x86 servers, Intel or AMD you choose, Did you know these can run Windows, Linux and Solaris, yes they run and support multiple OS and virtualisation as well. These machines are made for Enterprise, Remote access and management built in, front to back cooling, designed to be readily accessible but at STARTUP pricing.

\*Open Storage - We provide in Startup Essentials Enterprise class storage solutions, that Smugmug, Blue Orange, etc are using due to its open aspect, and pricing. Ask now if you purchase storage, you will be amazed at the price and how it will save you time, money and is so simple to setup and administer. 5 Minutes and up and running, is what one customer said.

\*Hosting - We can provide through partners, VPS, CoLo, Dedicated, Managed hosting for you now.

\*Engineering Support - Do you have a scaling problem ? Have you thought about Scaling ? Do you want to talk to World Class Engineers to discuss issues, problems and get resolution, Ask Sun.

\*MySQL - DBA/Performance Tuning - Ask how Startup Essentials can give you a discount on a DBA and Performance tuning for your MySQL database, without having a full time employee.

\*Community events - Are you aware that we host and support events for the UK and Irish Startup community ? Every month we host a Facebook Garage, recently I have held Drupal for Enterprise events, Pizza on Rails and sponsored Techcrunch pitch . Also every quarter we have a Startup Essential meetup  to help make certain that Startup have the chance to network and collaborate together. I also host events, bringing together all the members once a month to network, share ideas and listen from industry leaders about topics such as PR, Marketing, Legal and Funding etc, the content requirements are driven by the members, so they get to hear what they require.

\*PR/Marketing - Sun a global corporation, why would they want to do PR with me ? So as part of Startup Essentials customer base, you have access to our PR team to write a customer success story, that gets pushed out to Analysts globally, at present we have two Startup Essentials customers working with analysts that will get included in their global reports, to  be pushed out to a global mainstream audience. So what does the PR look like ?

-  in the Financial Times

- Oneis Customer Success story

- Why did Glasses direct move from LAMP to SAMP and it only took a day ?

- General stories and round ups

And also we have produced videos with our customers, that get pushed across the whole of and out to the press, and at regular intervals we pull together a Press roundtable, invite our Startup Essential customers to talk about their experience and how Sun has helped them in different ways.

Do you want to meet one of the key influencers of IT over the last 25 years ? These Startup Essential customers did.

\*Introductions - Do you want to talk to Investors from Angel to VC ? Would you like to be part of a larger network to push your offering across different geographies ? How can we help you grow and scale ? Do you need legal advice ? What is a term sheet ?

- With my access to a wide range of people in the community, inside Sun and across EMEA and the US I can help support you as a Startup Essential customer to gain more outreach and look for synergies with other Startups for collaboration or a JV.

So the question is, How can I help you ?

Join now at Startup Essentials   and start to work with a global organisation who supports the Startup community and understands whats needed, Start Smart.


Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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