Monday Nov 16, 2009

OpenCoffee Club Sophia

Réunion de l'OpenCoffee de Sophia le jeudi 19 novembre de 18 à 21h00, aux Terrasses d'Antipolis, 300 route des Crêtes.

Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

Open Coffee et BarCamp à Sophia Antipolis

La deuxième édition du BarCampSophiaAntipolis se tiendra le jeudi 5 novembre à l’Agora Einstein - Sophia Antipolis, de 16h30 à minuit. Les participants ont opté pour le thème du Ecommerce. L’OpenCoffee Club Sophia sera partenaire de cet événement majeur des nouvelles technologies de la Côte d’Azur, a tel point qu’il aura lieu au sein même du Barcamp spécialement à cette occasion.

Le thème du Ecommerce, présenté aujourd’hui comme le nouvel eldorado des commerçants, sera débattu sous plusieurs angles de réflexions, aussi bien techniques que commerciaux. Il y a d’ailleurs déjà plusieurs sujets très pragmatiques proposés par les futurs participants :

  • Le Ecommerce est-il toujours un eldorado ou une affaire de professionnels ?
  • Quelle solution pour se lancer dans la vente en ligne ?
  • Les différentes méthodes de communication et leurs retombées en terme d’audience.
  • La place du mobile dans le Ecommerce de demain.
  • Les outils communautaires : Facebook, Twitter, …
  • Les moyens de paiement et la difficulté de convaincre les banques.

L’entrée est gratuite, mais l’inscription est obligatoire afin de faciliter l’organisation de cet événement. Pour ce faire, il suffit simplement de se rendre sur le wiki et d’éditer la page pour rajouter son nom. Il est également possible de contacter Sandra Bayer par email (à si vous rencontrez des difficultés pour vous enregistrer.

Vous pouvez commencer à discuter avec les autres participants ou suivre le déroulement du BarCampSophiaAntipolis grâce aux sites suivants :

Monday Jul 23, 2007

Open Coffee

Tomorrow Im attending the North West Open Coffee session, this is a monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs and Start Ups in the Manchester area of England, at present, it is gaining more traction, and is actually part of a rolling Open Coffee for the North that encompasses four cities.

I always find these interesting, and so many diverse ideas, that my brain hurts from trying to think, how do people think these ideas up, execute them and move forward. The other aspect of this is, a chance for me to talk about Sun, what we are doing with Start Ups, and how we arent just as we are perceived a vast company that sells high end systems, the T1 based systems are just so good for some of these companies, they just dont know it.

So a travel week as well this week, off to London for various meetings internal and external, forwarding discussions with some orgsanisations, and I always feel I have achieved something at the end of it, as Im mainly enlightening people about what Sun can offer, Open Solaris, Open Sparc, Ten Moves Ahead, our Sun Partner Advantage Programme, so many things to discuss and focus on.



Friday Jun 29, 2007

Open coffee - London - Awesome

 Attending the OpenCoffee events in Manchester and London, is like a breath of fresh air, its just a breeding ground, for raw talent and ideas, to converge in one place and share those thoughts..speaking to a varied mixed audience, listening to what they desire and want to achieve, the drive and impetus is refreshing.

So who did I meet this week then ?

Sam Sethi - Sam Sethi is a London-based entrepologist, blogger and consultant, so one place to keep an eye on is  blognation.

So what is Blognation, this is a blogging site on a global basis, Sam has brought together writers from all across the globe to write about Start Ups, new technology, what is happening in their country, a birds eye view, all written in English, and thus this then enables a tracking mechanism, to see what new business is being started and where it is heading.

This is a fantastic site, and one to keep back checking on for new news, whilst also being something of a labour of love for Sam.

Saul Klein - The organiser of open coffee and someone who is going to be bringing something radical to the UK in the winter time, around helping drive and empower a set amount of Start ups.....Going to be a very interesting winter.

Ive talked about before, but I met Vincent and Eugene at the opencoffee club, and what they are doing with this site, is awesome, going for global, capturing HD video interviews of the whole Emerging market scene, live as it happens, and if you check out their site, some interviews on there, with a few people at opencoffee and also they captured lots of content from Essential Web, which had over 500 people there..Just wish I could have gone.

I had a very interesting conversation with Nicole Simon as well, who is part of Blognation who gave a candid view of the whole Social media, and how it is affecting us in society and also on a country by country basis, the uptake and also some constructive commentary around Sun as well.

I think this OpenCoffee was more vibrant as everyone was still on a technology high from Essential Web, but some fantastic conversations, and the noise levels were deafening at one stage...

Also I have to thank Philip from Yuuguu, David from Izimi and Manoj, thankyou for the feedback and introductions, all appreciated.

Monday Jun 25, 2007

Open Coffee Meets


So this is where I will be tomorrow morning sipping coffee and eating a Very Berry Scone, of course I will be working, Ill be talking to Start Ups and Entrepreneurs, to understand, What do they need ?

The Open coffee concept is fantastic, it brings like minded individuals together in a comfortable environment, to chat, about their business, the pains and thus this breeds sharing, its amazing to watch as companies find synergies between themselves.

This is bringing the virtual electronic participation age into the real world, and thus helping to share information on a more personal scale, and help drive innovation. Ive attended four of these now, and the numbers are increasing in the north, and also now there is one every week , in the four major cities, which hopefully will lead to a large meeting once a quarter, for all the organisations to attend.

I like this concept very much, and meetup, is a site that opens this up further, if you are interested in languages or debates, find like minded people in your area, and just turn up and chat, share a coffee, now that helps bridge that electronic divide and shows the benefit of the Internet. It used to be social clubs that brought this together, now it is the age of sharing and thus the web is a new tool to aid this, participation age.




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