Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

Open Coffee et BarCamp à Sophia Antipolis

La deuxième édition du BarCampSophiaAntipolis se tiendra le jeudi 5 novembre à l’Agora Einstein - Sophia Antipolis, de 16h30 à minuit. Les participants ont opté pour le thème du Ecommerce. L’OpenCoffee Club Sophia sera partenaire de cet événement majeur des nouvelles technologies de la Côte d’Azur, a tel point qu’il aura lieu au sein même du Barcamp spécialement à cette occasion.

Le thème du Ecommerce, présenté aujourd’hui comme le nouvel eldorado des commerçants, sera débattu sous plusieurs angles de réflexions, aussi bien techniques que commerciaux. Il y a d’ailleurs déjà plusieurs sujets très pragmatiques proposés par les futurs participants :

  • Le Ecommerce est-il toujours un eldorado ou une affaire de professionnels ?
  • Quelle solution pour se lancer dans la vente en ligne ?
  • Les différentes méthodes de communication et leurs retombées en terme d’audience.
  • La place du mobile dans le Ecommerce de demain.
  • Les outils communautaires : Facebook, Twitter, …
  • Les moyens de paiement et la difficulté de convaincre les banques.

L’entrée est gratuite, mais l’inscription est obligatoire afin de faciliter l’organisation de cet événement. Pour ce faire, il suffit simplement de se rendre sur le wiki et d’éditer la page pour rajouter son nom. Il est également possible de contacter Sandra Bayer par email (à sbayer@cari.fr) si vous rencontrez des difficultés pour vous enregistrer.

Vous pouvez commencer à discuter avec les autres participants ou suivre le déroulement du BarCampSophiaAntipolis grâce aux sites suivants :

Monday Oct 13, 2008

Wrapup Bar Camp München (11-12.10.2008)

Vielen Dank an all Teilnehmer des zweiten Müncher Bar Camps. Es waren zwei sehr interessante Tage. Anbei wie versprochen meine Präsentationen und Links:
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Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

Bar Camp in München (11-12.10.2008)

Willkommen zum BarCamp München 2008 am 11-12.10.2008!
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Friday Aug 22, 2008

Barcamp Leeds - Startup Essentials Supported

So barcamp Leeds was last week and part of the LS1 week, that has seen another northern city bring together a series of events aimed at supporting the startup and entrepreneur community locally. At the heart of this is Imran Ali, a person who I have a lot of respect for in spending time to pull a group of like minded people together and drive these events to happen, it takes a lot of energy and effort to bring together a 100 people, feed them and in certain respects guide them.

Barcamp leeds, Im proud to say that I, thus Startup Essentials supported and sponsored to help with that effort and will continue to do so, to enable communities to share their knowledge and passion is core to Sun as a company, but also to Startup Essentials as a means to help startups. So what happened over this weekend then ?

\* Two days

\* 90 People

\* 39 Sessions on all manner of subjets.

And some great ideas, future thought discussions and new business relationships forged, thus counting it a huge success in my eyes and shows also the people behind this event, worked hard to make it happen to keep the audience there and discussing till late in the night :-) (or was it the Startup Essentials supported element haha)

If you don't know what a barcamp is, find one near you and go, it is so rewarding in the fact that the audience create the content, you decide what you want to hear and talk about, thus it is so diverse but also stimulating sharing those ideas.

Anyway if you want to know more, check out Imrans blog it has all the details on the event and when its happening next, if you want details on these types of events, then don't forget join Startup Essentials now.

Friday May 02, 2008

Startup Essentials User Group

So who is bored of the London network scene being all the same, would you like to talk to some individual startups about things that matter ? Do you want to outreach like minded people and not get lost in the crowd ?

So next week, we have the first official (drum rolls)

Startup Essentials 2008 User Group

A regular monthly meet up, different to all the other events out
there. The Startup Essentials 2008 is open platform that has been set
up to allow group members to take a proactive role it getting the
support required to help them grow their Startup or IT business. With
an open platform you decide what is relevant and then you can put it to
the group. We're building a supportive group to share ideas, discuss
problems, and act collectively to address wider issues.

Do you want to


  • Discuss you ideas
  • Use the group as a closed beta test for your product
  • Share your problems/issue facing your current IT project.
  • Finding resources both technical or other.
  • Arrange guest speakers.
  • Organise demos to public.
  • Effective PR to raise your profile. 
  • Help with Sun startup essentials.
  • Getting Investment ready.
  • Prepare and present to Investors.


It can be what ever you want it to be !!!


First meeting


Date - Thursday 8th May 17:00 - Late (Coffee, Water, Beer all available)

Sun London CBC - Monument



Would you like to attend ? Go to




To sign up and gain more details. 


Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

Startup Camp UK

 Startup Camp UK


Startup Camp is a face-to-face, collaborative event dedicated to
bringing entrepreneurs, technologists, business strategists, VCs, and
vendors together to share advice and information about getting a
company up and running.

Event: Startup Camp London

Date: March 7-8, 2008

Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London


This is getting to full registration really fast, and if you want to grab a place do it now, the main event for a Barcamp style unconference, over 2 days

in the UK.


An opportunity to enter a Startup Contest to win Sun Servers, receive 30 days free business services, meet Google, MySQL and Salesforce.com, and

share your thoughts and content at Edocr 


Get signed up now !!! 





Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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