Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

Free Webinar: Storage for your database

You are invited to join our free Webinar on storage for you database, Wednesday October the 14th 3pm Paris & Berlin, 2pm London, 4pm Jerusalem.

This webinar focuses on how ZFS, SSDs and the Unified Storage Systems are changing the rules in the database storage industry. You will learn how to increase data security, storage scalability, and reduce the price/performance ratio with these technologies. This webinar includes ZFS best practises for databases backup and performance.

To register click here.

Monday Sep 28, 2009

MySQL Backup in a Second with ZFS

For the MySQL users, I just posted a blog entry about how to get fast and reliable MySQL backup using ZFS.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

Webcast sur les architectures Web "scalable": session 2

Le deuxième Webcast sur les architectures web "scalable" a eu lieu aujourdh'ui.  Cette session a  traité de  la croissance du trafic sur le site web. Nous avons regardé en détail des solutions comme le load balancing, le caching, et pour ce qui est de MySQL, nous avons parlé de réplication, de sharding et de MySQL cluster.

Mardi prochain, 9 juin à 11h00, aura lieu la troisième et dernière session de cette série de webcast. Après avoir traité de l'augmentation du traffic sur un site web, il nous reste effectivement à traiter de l'accroissement du volume des données. Durant cette troisième session, nous couvrirons les principaux objectifs d'un système de stockage pour application web - augmentation du volume, haute disponibilité, sauvegarde - et nous verrons comment le système de fichier ZFS nous permet d'atteindre ces objectifs. En outre, nous décrirons des solutions pour 'backuper' une grosse base de donnée MySQL en production sans pour cela pénaliser les temps de réponse du site.

Ces sessions étant réservées aux membres de la communauté Sun Startup Essentials, inscrivez-vous à cette communauté pour recevoir les informations d'accès aux webcasts : l'inscription et les webcasts sont gratuits !

Friday May 15, 2009

Fear of Failure - Backup, Backup and oh yeh Backup

So whats the worse thing that can happen, you don't backup your data and lose it all...!!!!

 For more information on this go HERE 

Backup, Backup and more Backup your data

Tuesday Mar 10, 2009

Startup ? Do you backup your data ?

Do you backup your Data or systems ?

Do you keep it all on laptops and over various systems ?

What happens if it gets lost, crashes, fails, can your business survive ?

DrLogic Backup a new startup, has a solution that can help solve these problems and more, as they understand the problems you are going through and how to solve them economically and efficiently, here is some information on them:

Some people never realise how valuable their data is until they lose it. Anyone who’s ever worked within the safety of a large organisation can find IT support one of the biggest headaches when starting a new business. In your company’s early years, you can be reliant on
freelancers, contractors and partners to help you grow.  All well and good for the balance sheet but when your system crashes, or your
laptop goes walkabout, vital business documents and customer files can seem to evaporate and there’s no one to call to complain. We started Dr Logic Backup to provide businesses with a reliable way to safeguard their data without adding more to their workload.  It’s our mission to be 100% reliable and we realised from the outset that we had to deliver more than just a promise. We selected Sun Microsysems to underpin our service because we were looking for the most solid, robust, expansive hardware, storage and operating system in order to deliver what our customers need.

We designed Dr Logic Backup to provide a worry-free service - robust enough to handle the most precious files, straight-forward enough to be used by non-technical staff and efficient enough to work with anytype  of internet connection. By underpinning our backup solution with Sun servers and Sun’s Open Storage initiative we can deliver automatic, simple backup and recovery coupled with data protection.

Some say time is money. Unfortunately for anyone who has ever taken too long to retrieve an important file it can also mean reputation. A
start up can’t afford anything but good customer feedback when building a brand. As we’re only five years old ourselves we know all
about that.  Being a Sun Essentials Start Up Partner we’re able to take advantage of their network and support as we grow.  We know we’ve got something to offer that people need.  And it’s been a wise move to build our business on a strong foundation. Until computers never crash, people never make mistakes and gremlins don’t thrive in office buildings, Dr Logic backup can be a vital business tool. It’s an investment in a business’s sanity. And hooking up with the Sun Essentials Start Up programme has been an investment in ours.


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