Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

x86 AMD Dual Core / Intel Quad Core starting at £420...Runs Windows, Linux and Solaris

X86 Intel Quad/AMD Dual Core Serves from £420 X86 Intel Quad/AMD Dual Core Serves from £420 Stewart Townsend Want to purchase Enterprise class servers at startup prices, that run Windows, Linux and Solaris ? FROM £420 .... ? Get them know, the sales on.

Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

FREE WEBINAR on Project Darkstar - MMOG Putting the "Massive" in Massive Multiplayer

FREE Darkstar Webinar on Wednesday, June 24th, 8:00am PDT / 4:00pm GMT. Reserve your seat here: Project Darkstar

The video games industry represents one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, and online games is its fastest growing segment. With this extraordinary growth comes the issue of building truly scalable, “massive multiplayer” solutions that are beyond what the industry deploys today. 

In this FREE webinar, Matt Hosanee will discuss how Sun's Project Darkstar meets many of the biggest challenges facing the development of future online games.  Project Darkstar is an open source platform for developing massively multiplayer online games.  It brings the same enterprise level scalability, performance, persistence, and data integrity that Sun's corporate clients enjoy.  It also provides new business opportunities because it is game and client agnostic, so browser, desktop, and console clients can play together.  

The presentation will be followed by your chance to ask specific questions on how Project Darkstar fits into your overall strategy.

We hope to see you at the live event!

P.S. Can make the live event? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a link to the replay after the event. 

Thursday Jun 04, 2009

Want to buy a Intel/AMD server from Sun ? Not sure which one ? Here is a helpful guide

Start Up Essential Volume Servers - comparison with Dell,HP, IBM Start Up Essential Volume Servers - comparison with Dell,HP, IBM Stewart Townsend Looking for a server ? Not sure which one ? Then this handy comparison will show you the best fit to make your choice.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

Sun Startup Essential 50% discount on CannyBill - no more hassle for Invoicing.

CannyBill Sun Microsystems Promotion

We've fixed up a canny little offer for all of our fellow Sun Microsystems members...

For a limited time only, Sun Microsystems members can knock a whopping 50% off all paid plans, for the full duration of their account.[Read More]

Wednesday May 06, 2009

Startup Essentials - Enterprise class servers ready for you now from £420/€480

If you want the latest and greatest servers from the most scaleable vendor on the planet, then here are the prices that will blow you away now.

Sun Startup Essentials Startup Server x86 prices Sun Startup Essentials Startup Server x86 prices Stewart Townsend Sun Startup Essential Server pricing for Startups in EMEA - with prices from £420/€480 for a dual core server.

Monday Sep 29, 2008

Startup Essentials - Advertisement - If you want a server the next two weeks is the time..

So you want a server ?

Do you want it black, brown, grey or just at a great price, built by engineers who know how to make things scale and make sure the worlds largest businesses keep on running....?

I am pleased to offer clearance pricing on selected Sun Fire x64 and Sun Fire T1000 server configurations at deep discounts. This is members-only pricing, and while the savings are huge, the quantities are limited. Check out these configurations:

- Sun Fire X2200M2: 2x2214 AMD (2.2 GHz) Dual Core, 4GB memory  £290 (SOLD OUT)
- Sun Fire X4100: 2x254 AMD (2.8GHz) Dual Core 4GB memory, 1x73 HDD, DVD £520
- Sun Fire X4100: 1x252 AMD (2.6GHz)Single Core, 1GB memory £340

- Sun Fire X4200: 2x285 AMD (2.6GHz)Dual Core 8GB Memory, 2x73 Hard Disks, DVD £570
- Sun Fire X4200: 1x252 AMD (2.6GHz)Single Core, 1GB memory £340

- Sun Fire T1000: 6core 1.0GHz 2GB memory 1X80 SATA HDD £490
- Sun Fire T1000: 8core 1.0GHz 8GB memory 2x73 SAS HDD £630
- Sun Fire T1000: 8core 1.0GHz 16GB memory 1x80 SATA HDD £730

 These are limited stock items and thus to gain these prices, make sure you have joined Startup Essentials, then call the number on the site for a quote and order ASAP to obtain these, as they wont last long.

Also if you want to know more about a T1000 and 32 thread servers, and what they can do for you as a startup, watch the video from Nic who explains it brilliantly, how he has used these to scale his company, reduce costs and beat the competition.

Monday Sep 15, 2008

Startups need to save money, plan now and its easy.

I have been thinking a lot lately, I know that sounds daft in this online world, but having spent the last 8 months talking to Startups and listening to their perceptions of Sun and who we are, but also what do they need or are looking for to help support them Scale. Thus the conclusion is to help them save money now, but also to make sure they think about the future as well.

Thus Ive looked at essentially the core element of running a web 2.0 startup or a small SME, is the initial cost of hardware to get them started or that enables them to run the OS of choice and deployment stack. This seems a simple decision to me, but in my little world it would so I thought I would reveal some facts that I take for granted but to the outside world, may not be ever so visible.

Sun Sellls the GREATEST x86 (AMD/Intel) servers on the planet.....

There Ive said it, yes I feel better for that, and do you know why? Because its true, our servers are designed by engineers to work in an Enterprise environment and made to Scale, Perform and all at a low cost.  Backed by a service organisation that when you call them are a bunch of engineers who can solve problems not just ask mundane questions, but really know the product inside out, to me thats the most crucial element is the after service care.

Sun x86 servers support Linux, Windows, Solaris.

So you have your nice shiny box and want to virtualise it, run multiple OSs on there, do wonderful things ? Well yes you can, we can support you 24/7 globally. That means, one throat to choke, one number to call, one person to talk to, to resolve issues that are critical to your business NOW not in two days time, but also across multiple OS, yes our servers run most flavours of OS

Sun knows how to make stuff Scale, Reliable and Performance beyound measure.

So as a company for over 25 years we have been reknowned for Scaleable, Reliable systesm that can offer more performance due to our innovative $2bn investment in RD every year, we design and build our own OS updwards to hardware to do all of this, its in the blood and the mantra of the company, thats why the Top companies in the world run on Sun, its that simple this is what we do.

So how can we save you money ?

Via Startup Essentials, you gain access to Sun, its that simple, we can help you Build, Scale, and inject Reliability into your business  helping you increase performance through our knowledge and network. You are engaging with more than a IT vendor, you become part of Sun,  we are there to support you as a business, thats how Sun was born as a startup in the West Coast all those years ago.

 An example of beatiful LOW cost to you, Engineering

 X4150 Intel based Sun Server - Runs Solaris, Windows and Linux

1RU high - Less Density in a rackspace

64 gig of memory max - most machines in this area take 32gig only thus for a memory intensive application, you have to buy another machine and take extra hosting space and power, whilst with the Sun machine you dont. :-)

8 Internal Discs - lots of storage resouces available, meaning lots of speed as storage closer to the memory increasing performance, most of the competitors machines have less storage internally, up to half

4 GigE ports twice that of its competition, and if you are using this for virtualisation, the more network ports, the better for scaling.

Less power consumption, and as Dcentres charge on power as well now, this is key, each Sun Fire X4150's PSU is rated at 650W max!
…though it comes with built-in eLOM, more HDs, more PCI-e slots and more GigE ports!

Remote access built in, not an added feature these machines have been designed for Enterprise so rack and forget, dont physically touch them again and dont have to pay extra for the privelige.

So what does this mean in terms of saving money ?

Anything you do now, affects your future , any decision you make has an impact and thus if you are purchasing a server to host your companies crown jewels on, you want to make sure its Reliable, Scaleable, consumes as little power as possible and has performance and upgradeability out the box. Why ? otherwise as you grow most of your Capex will go on server upgrades and more hosting costs due to having to purchase an unnecessary box for more storage or memory, this is not music to the ears of your investor who is looking to keep costs minimal. Investors like to see a strong future business costs and how they will scale as the organisation scales, the more you reduce your capex on that, the more you get back.

Simple answer is WORK with Sun, this is what we do, we dont just sell stuff, we talk about it, design it, engineer it and help our customers do the same, so they can Build a Scaleable Optimised service to their customers and if there is a problem, they know that a global 24/7 Service team will fly into help resolve it.

Will I have to sell my house ?

Sun sells servers in the Startup Essential programme to Startups at a discounted rate to help them in those early days, the prices start from £400 for an entry level server, BUT more importantly you are buying something that is designed not to break, that will scale, if something goes wrong a team will fix it and make certain your business is back online ASAP, we understand time critical and mission critical...Work with Sun and grow into your dream today.


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