Startup Essentials Customer story - OneDoc, Multizone, BizSpark and Sun

CASE STUDY: OneDoc Limited

Professionally hosted Infrastructure allowing complete location independence

OneDoc is a privately, British owned software company that provides collaboration and compliance software. Its technology is based on the Microsoft software platform, and makes multi-user editing and sharing of Microsoft Word and other documents safe and effortless whilst providing a brilliantly simple compliance solution. The software cleverly tracks the changes to multiple Word documents by multiple users  – and allows easy electronic collaboration for document review and editing.

OneDoc has been in development for a number of years and is run by a talented team who has helped build a number of great technology companies often at the forefront of a new market sector. Although the business is based in Reading, the team are dispersed around the UK and its become a requirement to be location independent in everything that OneDoc does.

Multizone partners with OneDoc to provide specialist product management and marketing services, and has done since it began in 2003. Our role has been to drive the creation of product requirements that match the opportunity for our first product, the market for which is in the enterprise collaboration space using Microsoft Office, while also making sure we have a technology foundation that can be expanded into adjacent market segments as we prove the value of the proposition.

Multizone also run the Microsoft Partner program for OneDoc, and attend Microsoft Events working on behalf of OneDoc. OneDoc became a Microsoft Bizspark partner as well as taking advantage of the MAPS programme and the Empower program which enable it to access Microsoft product, collateral and resources.

Recently with the launch of trials of OneDoc release 2.0, there was an opportunity to consolidate most of OneDoc's technology infrastructure so that it could be centrally located on the Internet, such that everybody inside the company could access it as if it were local, and such that the system could be staged for testing and quality assurance before trials at production level could begin.

David Grundy, Executive Chairman of OneDoc said "We needed high compute density, and networking connectivity in a single rack unit, hosted securely and with plenty of bandwidth to run complex server based applications and let our remote workers access it as if it were local to them. Multizone provided strategic and tactical support to make this happen seamlessly."

Multizone helped OneDoc join the Sun Startup Essentials program and choose the Sun Fire X4150 server, powered by Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, because it provided the best price performance in a 1U form factor. Sun's unique design principles ensured that the Sun Fire X4150 server beat the HP Proliant DL360 G5 server in terms of flexibility, performance, expandability, and energy efficiency. Crucially the X4150 is a supported system for VMware, the chosen host operating system, and Multizone designed and built and tested a Microsoft virtual machine infratructure consisting of domain controller, internal infrastructure servers including SQL Server and terminal server, two QA servers, two customer facing trial servers, and several QA desktop client images. This Windows Server based infrastructure was chosen because OneDoc is developing software based upon end-to-end Microsoft technology from SharePoint through SQL Server to .NET and Microsoft Office.

Grundy added - "Everyone at OneDoc relies upon Sun x64 technology. Virtualisation is the ideal solution to delivering the Microsoft based infrastructure we required for development, QA and trial of a software product. Sun startup essentials made it possible for us to realise a tangible, credible environment for development and deployment - with complete confidence in its security"

Applicable Limited secured, and remotely manage OneDoc's X4150 server in a data centre at the heart of the Internet. They manage DNS, IP addressing, Internet access and power. Multizone manage patching and system updates. The system has been live 24x7 since installation with only scheduled planned maintenance windows of downtime in the single digit minutes since then.

Bottom-line results

- Effective product management process was introduced to ensure OneDoc was released to trial customers with a known set of functionality and capability
- Significant savings were made on server hardware retail pricing through the Sun Startup Essentials program
- Production use software for startups was sourced from Microsofts software programs saving tens of thousands of pounds compared with retail licences.
- VMware was chosen for virtualisation of the Microsoft environment and licenced for production use cost effectively because it was fully supported on the chosen Sun server hardware
- OneDoc’s trial system is professionally hosted and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week with resilient bandwidth and secure management.

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