Wednesday Jul 18, 2007


So I survived a weekend in Stockholm, having done the usual trick of as soon as I finish work, feeling ill...Man Flu, not a great thing to get

Stockholm is a wonderful city, some amazing sites to see, the Royal Palace, boat tours, and the Vasa ship, raised from the seabed in 1961, intact and such an amazing site. Of course, the food and nightlife, is also excellent, as my bank balance can testify to, Stockholm isnt cheap but neither expensive, with some lovely bars and an excellent public travel infrastructure. Little Traffic anywhere for such a large city.

So Stockholm, go if you can, enjoy the sites and nightlife and take in the unusual experience of it not going dark in the summer....


Thursday Jul 05, 2007

FREE ENERGY - Clean constant energy

Dublin company to unveil 'free energy' device

An Irish company will today reveal controversial technology that allegedly defies basic laws of physics to produce free power.

Steorn, which is based in Dublin, claims to have discovered a method
of creating clean, constant energy, which it claims could end the
global fuel crisis.

The Orbo will also be viewable live on the
internet from 11pm this evening (4 July) at,
with four webcams focused on the machine 24 hours a day.

If this is true, and validated, how will this change the world we live in ? Clean constant energy, and how could that change the way we travel, and leave our own planet..amazing times ahead if it is true. 

Check out the full article here

Wednesday Jul 04, 2007

Drama School Play

So last night I attended the yearly drama school play, The Pied Piper, my son was the Mayor, and had some classic comedy moments in it, but lots of fun as well.....

My son is 9 this year, and it seems now has a cult lady following, with the amount of screaming going on when he received his medal for 4 years attendance....the thing is I went backstage, to take some pics of him, and when he was leaving, the girls were screaming.....

Just on the internet now, looking for steel reinforced doors, for when he gets older....


Monday Jul 02, 2007

No smoking - In England...

England smoking ban takes effect

Smokers in a pub
People caught illegally smoking could be fined up to £200


Smokers across England have sparked up at work and in the pub for
the last time as the ban on smoking in enclosed public places begins.


So at least now their is a choice, if you want to smoke you can, and  if you dont smoke, you dont have to breathe other peoples smoke in...

Sunday Jul 01, 2007

Donnington - 600 BHP Supra - New underwear



Its Sunday, I drove over to Nottingham last night, and had a few beers or two, I think it was more like three....and up before 10, for a track day...

For anyone that knows me, I like cars, fast cars, and I attended the track day today as a spectator, and with my head feeling rather gentle, Im glad I was a spectator. But I did get the chance to get taken out in a track prepared, Supra, pushing out some mad BHP and with remote dampers, the car was set up so tight, that going into a corner at over 100, felt like a stroll in the park.

Amazing day, saw an old Diablo floating around the track, and some mad minis as well, but all in all, some speedheads going round, but safely, and enjoying every minute.

So if you get a chance to get out on a track day, pack one thing, fresh underwear...ha ha.


Sunday Jun 24, 2007

Porsche GT2 vs a T1 chip

Sunday Sunday....took my son to a porsche enthusiast meet today, to look at Porsche cars all day, unfortunately the weather wasnt kind, but we still saw some stunning cars there today...Oh the joys of wanting to win the lottery is bad...




 Some bad boy porsches there today, absolutely stunning, and here was the dilemna, I have the pics on my camera how do I share them.......

 Dave - Izimi again, didnt have to think about it, just works, does what it says and is simple......Izimi has changed things for me, made it share my images, and that is how IT should be, simple..

Isnt life complicated as it is, with gadgets, and wizz bang elements, thats why I enjoy Sun technology, it says what it does on the tin, like the T1 chip, this is like the Porsche GT2, designed to do what it does best...quickly and safely and smoothly.

 This is a car that can go from a standing start to 180 mph and stop, before a 911 Turbo has hit its top speed, simply beautiful engineering and design,this is  the same with the T1 chip, you throw threads at it, it just keeps on growling and asking for more, as I talk more with start ups, I find the Java based applications, eat this up, they love it, they are the GT2 drivers of the world, whilst the rest are just dreaming of the Turbo 911 not realising there is more...

So now home, soaked but myself and my son have had a top day, and I tried to discuss the aspect of the T1 being like the GT2......he just said "Dad floor it !!!! "



Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

The new world

Well, decided to put fingers to the keys, and make the world aware of this new world

So working for Sun, I get to talk to really interesting people, constantly, and see some really cool stuff....being me that means, lots of gadgets and widgets.

So what does this all mean ?

We are entering the participation age at light speed, we can mish and mash technologies together, that tells me the price range of properties, what schools are near, the average price for the last 4 years and the demographic of the neighbourhood the property is in. Thus, we now have as people, more data to make decisions and to some that is good, and to others its a world of pain (Im a data person, before I buy anything I use the power of my keyboard to find the right price for me.)

How do we move forward, are we going to be drowned in data, whats the next new technology, have we turned the corner and are heading up the web 2.0 hill..

So this is where Im going to share my thoughts, and also, the companies I meet with, who are in this new world.



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