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Why This Ankara-Based Startup Ambassador is Enjoying Every Minute

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The Oracle for Startups ambassador network includes inspiring professionals dedicated to supporting startups around the globe. Turkey-based ambassador Sinem Kaya wrote this piece. 

Name: Sinem Kaya

Role: Strategic Business Development Senior Manager

Region: MEA and CEE 

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Noticing Untapped Potential, Sinem Kaya Took Action  

When I took on the business development role back in 2012, my initial focus was to bridge the gap between tech entrepreneurs and Oracle via demand generation activities. As the years passed, it wasn't hard to realize that Oracle is one of the best companies that is unknown among startups. Once I knew that, I knew we needed action to change the perspective that Oracle was only for enterprise companies.

We did a lot of outreach with the community, and I was delighted to hear great feedback on our mentoring and upskilling efforts. No other vendors were investing the same time in startups. We gave back to the community with mentoring sessions, technical and business-focused workshops for tech entrepreneurs to ensure they kept up-to-date in the latest technologies - and kept Oracle is top of mind. 

Oracle for Startups provides more resources (especially from the cloud perspective) with mentoring, migration support, and showcase opportunities. It's like the puzzle is complete with this program, which enables startups of any size to benefit from a variety of resources that we already have in our regional network. All we had to do to serve this exciting program was to activate the network that we have established over the years. 

It's great identifying startups' needs and fulfilling their requirements. I have enjoyed every minute of our engagement with these startups and witnessing their growth. One of my favorite things was attending Oracle OpenWorld Dubai event. It gave some of the startups worldwide exposure, customer connect opportunities as well as amazing PR interviews.

Another thing is seeing the quick migrations of data from AWS, Azure, etc. From there, they move to the next level, consuming cloud, Market Connect, earning PR. And we, as local ambassadors, coordinate with the Oracle for Startups team in a perfect way. 

Exciting Developments in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey   

Our startup portfolio is great and inspiring with their solutions in agritech, fintech, insuretech, edtech, smart city, energy tech, and health tech innovations. They are migrating to us due to tech performance, cost, and security. We've also got an increasing number of women-led startups and a great number of women contributing to a startup's success. After all, great teams must be shaped with an inclusive workforce strategy. 

If I were to name a few of the many startups we work with who have also been successfully braving COVID-19: 

  • In Saudi Arabia, Edubook, provides a social learning community that offers an interactive learning experience connecting schools' administrators, students, teachers, and parents to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere in a safe and structured environment on both web and mobile. 
  • In Turkey, Dusyeri Digital TV turns children's television watching and mobile device usage behaviors into useful, value-added experiences via the educational content they create.
  • In UAE, DesignHubz is using 3D and Augmented Reality to revolutionize the way consumers buy products online. It enables brands and retailers to sell their products in 3D and AR on their websites and apps. The company provides ready-to-use 3D and AR solutions built for every category - from furniture to fashion to toys - allowing users to make much more informed decisions when doing their online shopping. 

There are two environmental startups doing interesting things. In Turkey, Evreka - who won the 2019 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award -  provides a comprehensive SaaS solution for smart waste collection and city cleaning operations. Evreka improves the whole waste process with highly innovative technology and environmentally friendly solutions with a platform that digitizes these operations with AI and machine learning to reduce costs, save time, and increase citizen satisfaction.

TechShelta is based in Ghana and is maximizing the efficiency of greenhouse farming using technological innovations. There isn't much rain in Ghana, which means that the country has to import most of its food. Techshelta technology remotely controls existing manual operating systems such as irrigation, temperature, and humidity, with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

The Biggest Takeaway 

Working with a number of incubators and accelerator programs across the region, as well as being involved in a growing number of government-supported entrepreneurship programs, has given my team a great experience and crossed our paths with top startups across the region.

We are so proud to support their innovations to generate real business impact, and witness their tremendous growth and success. I appreciate and enjoy every minute working with all of our Oracle for Startups community members.


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