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What an Amazing First Year! Sao Paulo Reflects on 2018

Guest Author


As we close the year we are looking back on our accomplishments and lessons from 2018. This is the first in a trio of blogs from our team. This blog post was authored by Lucas Nobeschi, Program Manager Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, Sao Paulo.


A little more than a year ago, I was invited as a guest author to share my thoughts and experience about our, at the time soon to be started, accelerator operation in Sao Paulo (check out the post here). I can’t believe how fast time has passed and how many stories and successes (also a lot of failures!) we had in such a relatively short period of time.

Reading my previous post now, I can feel all the excitement before our operation began. I remember, as if it was yesterday, the spark in everyone’s eyes as we went through day one. Everything was new, the expectations were high, entrepreneurs have never had such a close relationship with Oracle before - being there was like exploring a new world, a world full of possibilities.

What happened next? We got things DONE! It is hard to understand how so many projects have been accomplished in only 398 days – it was truly an amazing year (and a bit).

Working from COW (the coworking space where we are based) has proved to be an incredible, creative and open environment that facilitated ideas to grow – during last year we had uncountable meetings with Oracle clients & partners and our startups, also many meetings with internal Oracle teams and our entrepreneurs. We successfully completed our first cohort, having worked together with Nexus Edge, NMIND, Runrun.it, Intelipost, Netshow.me and In Loco Media.

Within this group we had entrepreneurs going to Larry Ellison’s house during Oracle Open World 2017, startups becoming Oracle suppliers (case of Netshow.me) – we used their solution to livestream Oracle events in Colombia, Mexico and Tel Aviv, startups being early adopters of our new services and being able to disrupt the market (Intelipost with the use of our Blockchain) – Intelipost was beta tester of our blockchain solution, using it to track all steps of the supply chain management of the delivery and logistics industry, bringing more value to Oracle customers and, of course, accomplishing our ultimate goal: having the startups integrate with Oracle’s ecosystem of clients and partners, using our technology to take them to the next level and achieve a hyper-growth phase. Less than a year of graduating in our program, Nexus Edge, has reached USD 1.5M in gross sales due to projects created with us and running in our cloud.

Most recently, during the last days of November, we participated in CASE 2018 – Brazil’s biggest startup event. We brought tons of content to the more than 10,000 people that attended the event. Our presence included panels with entrepreneurs from our program discussing relevant topics of the local ecosystem, a booth to leverage connections, a keynote session with our Vice-President of Oracle’s startup ecosystem, Jason Williamson and also a Demo Day of our second cohort in the region! More than 17 entrepreneurs from our ecosystem participated actively with us on stage and presented their solutions and projects, created with Oracle, to the market. 

Besides these few examples, there were also: countless events and meetups, mentoring sessions with Oracle’s executives and specialist engineers, workshops, new connections, happy hours…

So what have we learnt in the past 365 days?  In the future I will look back in time to this article and remember the exciting phase we are currently in. As Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, we are bigger than ever, we have also scaled up! In Latin America alone we are working with more than 50 startups coming from countries all around the continent.

I can’t wait to tell the stories we are creating with companies such as Jobecam, Pay4Brain, Smartrips, Aquarela Analytics, Consu.me, PhishX and all the other amazing companies that are using our technology and expertise to grow faster.

During all this time only one thing hasn’t changed at all - I can still see the same spark in the eyes of everyone. This not only makes me proud of our Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem family, but also shows we are going along the right path and the future holds even greater stories for us!

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