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This Indian Startup is Revolutionizing Fintech with Superbots

Prantika Pitta
Global Communications

Making a mark in the competitive world of AI and ML is never easy. Indian startup Jubi.ai is achieving success through their superbot offerings, powering conversational automation of customer service, online lead generation and digital sales for large NBFCs, mutual fund houses, insurance companies and fintech businesses.

To discuss how Jubi is expanding across India and the globe, I chatted with the 31 year-old founder and CEO Subhadeep Bhattacharya, who believes AI-led automation is the future of not just fintech, but all economies.

On Revolutionizing the Industry with Superbots

“If we look at businesses, there are interfaces via which any business would communicate. Decades ago, it was only the physical interface via which businesses would interact, for example – to do banking, one would have to go to a bank, to visit a doctor one would have to queue up and see the doctor. Next came telephones and people started calling, then came internet and websites and people started browsing, followed by apps. So, in this entire evolution of interfaces the next node is essentially conversational interfaces. Across customer journey and touchpoints interfaces are becoming conversational. That is a big change happening across categories and around the world.”

On Consumer Demand for Conversational Interfaces  

“Digital products that the end customers are loving to use are UI led. So we call these interfaces as invisible interfaces. Now this change in customer expectation is leading enterprises from different categories to deliver similar UI experiences to their customers. And this is also kind of fueling the demand. The entire customer journey is becoming UI led.”

On Superbots and their Impact in India

“The country will lead this conversational commerce revolution vis-a-vis other economies. In this case the fuel is the data because the ability to personalize the conversation compounds as you are exposed to more and more conversational data, and India has an inherent advantage in terms of the massive amount of data (generated by the population). Millions of people using these systems every day, in different languages and dialects. So the data generated by some of these systems is massive, thus the ability of these systems to understand the behavior and psyche enables them to customize conversations.”

On the Mission of Jubi.ai

“Primarily we focus on financial services, and in India no one has as many clients as we do. Financial services has always been our forte and healthcare is something we are very keen on. Currently we are working on a project with the Government of India on healthcare. The sector specific data that we are exposed to is massive. The strength of our financial AI system is massive and that is because of the data it is exposed to. Our strength stems from the depth we have in the sectors we pursue. We have now entered the middle east and Singapore market and our strategy is Financial Services and fintech first, followed by healthcare and allied industries as well.”

On Working on Healthcare with the Indian Government

“Information dissemination is one of the biggest responsibilities of the government, but the entire process/path is full of friction. So, we are building an information dissemination tool which is always available (24/7), proactive, across languages, across channels. Also for the provider, in this case the government, it becomes a great data/emotion/sentiment collection tool.

The biggest advantage of a conversational interface over a standard web interface is that the former allows you to converse which means I as a user can say what I want to say, the way I want to say and that is enormous data. For example, our own systems have answered millions of questions over the past few months and the amount of analytics it is opening up, which we call as Deep Conversational Analytics, in itself is becoming like a business tool.”

On Working with Oracle

“We are working very closely with the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem India team and looking at joint go-to-market strategy, effectively talking to another State Government with Oracle. Our go-to-market strategy is going to become stronger in the next 12 months with Oracle.”

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