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The Startups Making Businesses More Efficient at TechSparks Bengaluru

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

All businesses want to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Now there are high tech products to help and they are showcased at TechSparks in Bengaluru. The companies showing off their solutions are part of Oracle for Startups and offer everything from cloud-based cash flow management tools to artificially intelligent software able to predict future events. So there’s an innovative solution for every business.

The CFM helping CFOs look like superstars
CashPundit is a cloud-based Cash Flow Management (CFM) solution that helps CFOs manage cash flow more easily and identify potential shortfalls in balances. The platform integrates with ERPs and directly imports required data, automating the process of collections and CFM. In short, it makes the job of CFOs look effortless, while simplifying their business lives. The startup’s CEO, Govindraj Muthyalu, credits the firm’s partnership with Oracle for many of its successes. “Our business is accelerating in large part due to the benefits of running on Oracle Cloud, connection to enterprise customers, and world-class mentoring,” he says. You can read more about the startup here.

Using AI to solve transportation problems
ConfirmTkt is on track to change the way people book train tickets in India. It solves a frustrating problem of booking ‘waitlisted’ tickets by predicting the status on waitlisted tickets using historical data and machine learning with 94% accuracy. This enables customers to book a place on trains most likely to travel to their chosen destination, making the process more efficient. Being part of the Oracle for Startups program has helped ConfirmTkt to scale rapidly. The company receives cloud credits, which co-founder Dinesh Kumar Kotha says has saved the startup considerable costs on cloud infrastructure.

The big data analytics platform predicting future incidents
IQLect’s big data analytics platform offers businesses a window into the future. It uses predictive and real-time data analytics to monitor and predict user and machine behavior. This means it can track events, recognize patterns and predict future incidents, allowing companies to act immediately and boost efficiency by up to 80%. The platform is plug-and-play and enables businesses to apply it to almost any data spread and then choose from a selection of customisable apps, to get insights in real-time at low cost.

Identifying growth opportunities using AI
Qument Technologies offers businesses AI and machine learning services designed to optimize operational efficiency and identify growth opportunities. Its tool is capable of analyzing large qualities of data and applying machine learning to look for patterns around the data, with the aim of helping business leaders make important decisions about how best to thrive. The product is currently being used by multiple companies in the restaurant, retail and hospitality trades.

Building custom enterprise bots for business
NLPBots is an artificially intelligent neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) platform, enabling businesses to build saleable enterprise bots. The platform is able to manage data sources, extract and validate data, define business rules, then train and generate a bot that can be deployed across different channels and networks. For example, bots can assist employees in getting support or help customers with product support problems around the clock. They can also build powerful NLS systems across data sources to get insights to help with marketing, and even help automate recruiting new employees.

We wish all attending startups the best of luck at TechSparks in Bengaluru. Visit our website to learn more about the startups working with Oracle to deliver modern business solutions in efficiency and beyond.

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  • Manoj Tayde Friday, October 11, 2019
    All the best to all teams!
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