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The OpenWorld 2019 Startups Opening Our Eyes and Ears to New Technologies

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

It wasn’t long ago that iris recognition and talking to a computer were fantastical details in sci-fi films. Now, unlocking our phones with our eyes and asking Siri and Alexa for help are part of our everyday lives.

Technology developed by the startups attending this year’s  OpenWorld in San Francisco taps into our senses to deliver some innovative benefits for companies and consumers alike.

A handful of very different startups have set their sights on visual technology, from using it to equalize the job market to finding the perfect little black dress, while others have harnessed the power of sound to carve a niche in growing markets. Makes sense to us!

Here’s looking at you…

Snap Tech uses visual search technology to enable consumers to shop for clothes simply by taking a photograph. Its clever algorithms suggest items that are similar in colour and shape from around 250 retailers, and allow users to buy them directly from those shops’ sites. The London-based startup works with retailers and publishers to make the online shopping experience more satisfying for consumers and more profitable for businesses.

A cloud rendering and simulation service company, GridMarkets delivers specialised environments for animation and visual effects creators, which is also well-suited to drug discovery and financial services. The startup integrates access to high-performance computational cloud resources into the end-users’ compute demanding applications, collaborating with leading artists from top Hollywood studios to serve customers in more than 90 countries.

IDenTV utilises machine learning and AI, powered by computer vision and automated speech recognition, to convert unstructured video into searchable and actionable metadata, transforming how users understand and interact with video assets. Its Intelligent Video Platform and real time media monitoring of video, web based text, and social media is designed to provide unique insight into data and trends across the web. For example, it can be used to monitor TV and video streaming channels and provide analytics about content, analyse security videos and monitor video footage for violence, nudity or other footage deemed illicit.

Jobecam uses video technology to help recruiters reduce unconscious bias during the hiring process, levelling the playing field in the job market. The platform lets users record video CVs and participate in recorded interviews. AI technology is then used to transcribe answers and rank candidates for a recruiter, who watch blurred videos of prospective hires so  employees can be chosen based on talents and experience.

Sounds like a good idea

Jubi.ai creates voice and chat-based intuitive bots for some of the largest financial services and fintech businesses in India (and soon, globally). Its AI platform is designed to empower support teams with tools that increase efficiency by allowing deep learning algorithms to make sense of a customer’s query and trigger automated responses. The result is a cost-effective solution that unlocks ROI and helps brands deliver greater customer experiences at scale through automation.

Jatana is another startup creating custom AI chatbots using text recognition and artificial intelligence to answer customers’ questions within seconds. The company's software uses AI to address repetitive issues, assisting agents with suggested replies, and can even resolve simple problems without human intervention. It uses natural language processing to understand the content in a query or problem, then decides on an appropriate answer in a matter of milliseconds, using training from historical data. The startup's tools reduce costs, increase efficiency, and automate repetitive processes, bridging the gap between customer service and artificial intelligence.

Find out more about the startups attending OpenWorld here.

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