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The Future Will Be Conversational & Leena AI is Powering the Way for Enterprises

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Blog authored by Leena AI Cofounder Adit Jain

Adit Jain, Mayank Goyal and Anand Prajapati started their entrepreneurial journey as IIT Delhi graduate students but ultimately became cofounders of a thriving startup and enterprise solution called Leena AI, a virtual assistant for the enterprise – or “Siri for the enterprise.”  Today, Leena AI counts companies such as Coca-Cola, Vedanta, EXL Services and HDFC Life Insurance as customers. 

The Leena AI founders believe that the next big computer-human interface will be conversational - voice and chat with Virtual Assistants infiltrating our lives at home and in the office. They also believe Virtual Assistants should be ubiquitous – across voice, chat, email, gesture, everywhere. That’s why Leena AI is available across a wide variety of platforms.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s step back a few years to help frame out their unique journey.

Frustrated with the amount of content they had to consume to get a small amount of knowledge, these three close friends decided to develop a solution out of their IIT Delhi dorm room while still in their third year of graduation. That solution became an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for summarization. Upon graduation, they couldn’t get traction for their summarization algorithm. But all three were certain they didn’t want to enter the corporate world. Instead, they wanted to use their understanding of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and take an entrepreneurial path to solving bigger problems faced by enterprises.

Personal experiences played a big role. For example, Anand was trying to reach Airtel’s customer support via phone and had to wait for 15 minutes for a query that took less than 30 seconds to solve. With this experience, the team started creating a platform named ‘ChatterOn’, a cognitive virtual assistant (chatbot) development platform that enables businesses to build AI conversational agents over chat and voice without writing a single line of code.  They soon launched a free version of ChatterOn for MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) and saw more than 15,000 businesses from 120 countries create chatbots. Soon, an enterprise grade ChatterOn platform was launched which was well received by global companies.

As enterprises started adopting the ChatterOn platform, the usage patterns of the platform brought out an interesting problem: enterprises were struggling with the productivity of their employees. Employees’ time was being wasted trying to find relevant information and juggling between multiple applications—all while having a bad user experience. The founders knew chatbots could provide a solution.

With this realization, Leena AI was born as the ‘Virtual Assistant for the Enterprise’ or ‘Siri for the enterprise’.

Today, Leena provides a smart AI-powered HR companion dedicated towards engaging employees. Leena AI is already being used by companies such as Coca-Cola, Vedanta, EXL Services, HDFC Life Insurance, Marico, Pidilite and many others.  The solution is available across Normal Phone Call, Google Assistant, Workplace, Skype for Business, and integrates with any Android and iOS Apps or Website. Leena AI is also a Workplace by Facebook global partner and Oracle partner.

Currently, Leena AI has many ‘capabilities’ or ‘micro-abilities’ in HR, IT, Admin, Procurement, Reimbursement, Finance, Sales, MIS, etc. But the highest number of deployments are in HR. So, instead of bugging your HR team, you can just fire up Leena AI and ask any question like ‘can I add my husband to my insurance policy?’ Or direct Leena AI to take action on your behalf – ‘I am feeling unwell, apply leave for today.’

The procurement department in Vedanta, for example, is now able to find SAC codes and GST numbers for services directly on chat.  Apart from this they are also able to find any agreement or information with Leena AI’s contextual search and intent extraction algorithms.

Some deployments are also in IT Helpdesk, where Leena AI is able to help employees self- service their IT related queries like changing passwords, unlocking accounts, solve network issues by calling a phone number and saying in simple English, ‘I have forgotten my password, what do I do?’ The bot then takes relevant information like employee id and resets your password for you.

As a first step, Leena AI should be able to respond to any and all problems/queries related to any business vertical, saving a lot of employee time, and improving efficiency by saving employee mindspace and minimizing distractions. Over a period of time, a specialized Leena AI will develop for every employee position and will be able to help each employee improve efficiency by automating repetitive/low-value tasks and allowing more focus on high-value tasks. A simple example: We, humans, form triggers in our brain, for example – if my team tells me that a bot has been deployed, I would ask my finance team to raise the invoice – this can be completely automated by Leena AI as it can see behaviours, understand the triggers or underlying logic and interact with the finance team by call/email.

Learn more about how Leena AI is empowering, engaging and inspiring people through conversations—and helping businesses reach strong ROI and deliver a better bottom line. 

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