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Startups Meet Enterprise Security Demands for Customers

Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups

Security is a critical consideration for businesses of every size. Startups can earn and keep their customers' trust with good data practices and technology that enables security at every turn. 

By providing secure and scalable cloud resources, Oracle helps startups prove their credibility to enterprise customers. 

Startups partner with Oracle for many reasons. Cost savings, connections to enterprise tools, and a global network of customers mean startups can grow both their technology and their business.

GridMarkets founder Mark Ross cited trust and name recognition as a major reason he chose to partner with Oracle.  

Molecula founder and CEO Higinio (H.O.) Maycotte cites credibility, “We wanted that instant credibility you get with Oracle.” Molecula has since leveraged Oracle’s big footprint to gain global exposure.   

Ultimately, startups need to meet their customers’ demand for technology that is secure and safe, and facilitate trustworthy partnerships. Startups are finding that Oracle provides the extra boost of credibility they couldn’t quite earn on their own as a new brand in their space, and the enhanced trust strengthens their current relationships and opens doors to new opportunities. 

Hear from six founders and CTOs on how their partnership with Oracle for Startups and move to Oracle Cloud is helping them deliver trust and security for their customers. 

Protecting Privacy

“Oracle Cloud infrastructure is extremely solid, so we can be certain our customer’s data is always safe and private—that’s all taken care of.” 
-Francesco Stasi, cofounder, BotSupply

Meeting Customers Where They Are

“Originally, we migrated our Data Virtualization platform to OCI because our customer base trusted Oracle for their most important data infrastructure and application needs, and it was important for our business to meet customers where they were already doing business.

Eventually we realized that there was much more to OCI than brand agency and have received great ROI from our decision.” 
– HO Maycotte, CEO and founder, Molecula

Opening Doors

“The Oracle brand stands for trust. That credibility is helping us grow from a technology and customer standpoint. We can now say GridMarkets is backed by the highly secure and highly robust Oracle Cloud and that’s helping to open even more doors for us across the globe.” 
- Mark Ross, cofounder, GridMarkets

Building Connected Experiences

“We wanted to find a platform that was native to what most of our clients are using and trust, so we can better maintain our service to clients.  As we have potential clients that come to us that are using Oracle, having our software on OCI will make it easier for us to deploy and scale. A seamless client experience is a critical success factor for us.” 
– Tony Nash, CEO & founder, Complete Intelligence

Delivering Security at the Highest Level

“Running on Oracle Cloud is a big win for us, as we need scale and power with the highest levels of data security. We are collaborating from both a business and technology perspective to build a better future.” 
– Zara Nanu, CEO & founder, Gapsquare

More than a Trusted Name

When security is everything, startups trust Oracle to offer a competitive advantage. Start today with free cloud and discover why startups are making the migration to Oracle Cloud. 

[This is the fifth blog in a five-part series exploring why startups are migrating from other cloud providers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Read the previous installment here: Startups Find Scale and Stability with Oracle Cloud.]


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