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Startups Find Scale and Stability on Oracle Cloud 

Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups

Among the many benefits of cloud computing, the ability to scale resources up or down based on demand is one of the most impactful, especially for startups. This scalability gives companies the performance they need, when they need it, to meet the fluctuating demands of their startup business. 

Beyond flexible scale, startups depend on a cloud’s stability to protect against latency or downtimes that affect performance for customers. 

A growing number of developers and startups are running their mission-critical applications and database workloads on Oracle Cloud, and they are finding unmatched performance, reduced costs, and the strongest SLAs in the industry. Oracle is actually the only IaaS cloud provider to guarantee performance, availability, and manageability with an enterprise cloud service level agreement.  

Hear directly from founders and CTOs on their experience with scale and stability with Oracle Cloud.


Innovating with Confidence, Not Latency 

“We had downtime and lots of latency on Azure—on a pretty regular basis—and with Oracle we have been pleasantly surprised by the robustness, scalability and reliability. We process billions of data points daily and we can’t afford any latency or downtime. Oracle Cloud gives us the assurance we need to deliver value to our customers and to keep innovating with confidence.”  
- Guy Mounier, CEO and cofounder, AptivIO


Delivering Excellence to Customers 

“The Oracle for Startups program was fundamental for us to guarantee a structure of excellence for our portfolio projects, bringing stability and better positioning to our customers.”

- Renata Fernandes, CEO, Aurea Robotics


Faster Deployment 

“Having the ability to deploy our applications faster and with minimal downtime is a must these days, and Oracle (OCI) offers automation tools that facilitate this task, to develop and deploy our solution with CI/CD pipeline.” 
- Dr. Abdulrahman Alsultan, CEO and founder, Awini App


Delivery without Disruptions

“Because OCI offers services that connect everything from edge to core, like FastConnect, it is very easy for us to deploy our infrastructure without having to disrupt our clients day-to-day operations. 
- HO Maycotte, CEO and founder, Molecula


Meeting High Expectations Anytime 

“Two things that really matter to us are stability and support. Our global enterprise clients expect rock solid performance from the Sauce platform 24-7. Stability is Oracle's bread and butter, and their support team has been passing that invaluable knowledge on to us since day one.” 
- Jonathan Girven, CTO and cofounder, Sauce


Scale, Stability, and Support 

“The level of attention and support is off the charts, plus the technology that Oracle offers is in line with the best in the market. The benefits are in infrastructure, scalability, technology access and networking. We are very happy with the Oracle partnership.” 
- Rodrigo Soriano, CEO and founder, Airfluencers


Startups Scale with Free Cloud 

If you’re a startup founder or CTO, scale and stability have to be a top priority. Start today with free cloud and discover why so many startups are making the migration to Oracle Cloud. 

[This is the fourth blog in a five-part series exploring why startups are migrating from other cloud providers to Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Read the previous installment: An Open and Connected Platform for Startups.]

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