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All startups have a wishlist of customers they would love to work with. With that in mind, Oracle for Startups matches innovative startups with customers who leverage startup technology to enhance the offerings of enterprise suites.

For example, Brazilian companies Yamí and GingaOne tapped into the benefits of Oracle's startup program to ultimately connect with motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha.

These cloud startups have enjoyed a boost in exposure and greater selling power as a result, while Yamaha uses emerging technology to deliver a fresh customer experience.mo

The Startup Connecting Sellers to Buyers

Yamí creates products to help e-commerce companies sell more without a massive outlay. Its SaaS platform integrates with Oracle Commerce Cloud and turns any e-commerce site into a marketplace, connecting sellers with buyers and making it easy for companies to manage product catalogs, logistics, pricing, and ordering.

“Our great differential is our flexibility," says Yamí CEO Rafael Bertolli. "We can adapt our panel to behave as a white-label architecture or even for franchise and distributor control.” 

Customers can find their nearest retailer and save money on shipping charges, while sellers save time and money by letting the software handle split payments and other typically manual, error-prone procedures. “Our affiliate solution also boosts sales, allowing sellers to create advertising URLs...When they drive a sale, this assigns commission directly to the seller,” he adds.

Partnership and Integration  

Yamí benefits from the Oracle for Startups partnership through customer introductions, technology, and market and events exposure. The cloud startup attended “Pausa no Expediente,” a monthly local meetup which connects startups to sales teams so they can share experiences and explore joint opportunities. 

Yamí is also working with Yamaha as a result of the partnership. Bertolli continues, “Being part of the Oracle ecosystem brings along a high level of network and business opportunities. The Yamaha project was only possible through the partnership with Oracle.” 

Yamaha connected Yamí's marketplace to their dealer ERP management system to connect the backend with customer experience efforts, and it paid off.  

“Without Yamí, the customer experience would not happen. We had to integrate all the systems involved across the dealerships, with resource constraints, and Yamí had a professional solution that made our lives easier,” says Ricardo Susini, Commercial Director of Yamaha Motorcycles Group in Brazil.

"An Ocean of Opportunities" 

The Yamaha project is a strong reference and marketplace architecture in the Oracle ecosystem, giving Yamí “a huge and successful business case,” Bertolli says. Plus, the Oracle partnership has allowed Yamí to work with more customers including Loungerie, Lunelli, BMG Bank, 3 Hearts, Onofre, and MRV. 

“The Oracle program has given us a visibility in the market that we weren't expecting. We are being invited to participate in several projects as a marketplace engine. These invitations give us the opportunity to introduce and offer different solutions of ours,” Bertolli says. 

Yamí is the only Brazilian company that’s able to turn any website using Oracle e-commerce solutions into a marketplace, which opens the door to new customer connections. “Oracle for Startups has exceeded our expectations. Yamí is being invited to discuss projects with many different Oracle customers,” Bertolli says.

He adds, “We have an ocean of opportunities to explore.” 

GingaOne Brings CX to Life 

Fellow Brazilian startup GingaOne offers educational and sales products such as Ginga Sales Force Solution, which it describes as an all-in-one solution for sales forces of all sizes that enhances productivity, generates detailed data and reports, and supports marketing presentations. GingaOne capitalized on its relationship with Oracle for Startups by participating at Oracle events, such as ‘Oracle Startup Power,’ and connecting with customers including Yamaha. 

The digital mobile loyalty and engagement solution is part of Yamaha's BLU CLUB application and extends the Yamaha customer journey, as customers tap the techRead the Case Study between and after purchases. 

According to Yamaha's Susini, “GingaOne’s solution is bringing our new BLU CLUB application to life, allowing us to engage and drive value to our customers well past the purchase phase, building loyalty between our customers and the Yamaha brand."

Winning Collaborations

Yamaha chose Oracle’s Commerce Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud to help reverse a trend of declining motorcycle sales. It also leveraged Oracle to connect with the two startups, enabling the company to create a digital customer experience and connected ecosystem.

Access to startup technology allowed Yamaha to deliver ongoing value and engagement for their customers and dealerships. “Partnering with Oracle for Startups connected us with Yamí and GingaOne allowing us to complete our big vision, with Oracle at the center,” says Susini.

Luiz Fernando of the Innovation Projects team at Yamaha Motorcycles Group in Brazil adds, “Oracle was flexible and reasonable, understanding the maturity curve of the project, and collaborating together with us. Connecting us with the startups helped us really deliver on our vision. It’s the people that matter more than anything. Partners need to listen, collaborate and have the tenacity to find a winning solution for all.”

To join Yamí and the other global startups who are scaling their technology and their business with Oracle, join us and start with free cloud today. 


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