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Startups Are Migrating to Oracle for Superior High Performance Computing

Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups

Oracle for Startups is a hotspot for startups that need blazing performance from their cloud. 

With data source quantity and volume exploding, high performance computing (HPC) is what startups need to deliver innovation in fields from biomedical advances to protecting fragile ecosystems. Expanding beyond the traditional definitions of HPC, environments that deal with massive amounts of data, active real-time analysis, and immense computational power require a high performance cloud. 

Through the Oracle startup program, startups are discovering that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure outperforms other clouds, in many cases by a wide enough margin to make the move to Oracle. 

Molecula is one of many cloud startups migrating from AWS and other cloud providers to Oracle Cloud to satisfy their growing HPC needs. When asked if he’d recommend Oracle Cloud for startups, founder and CEO HO Maycotte responded with an immediate “yes.” He continued, “especially if you are in the data, analytics or machine learning space.” In today’s multi-cloud world, startups see Oracle as an essential part of their solution. 

Here, five cloud startup founders weigh in on their successful migration to Oracle Cloud.


HPC Processes Massive Amounts of Data 

“High performance computing is vital to our business. We have to process massive amounts of streaming data in real-time and Oracle Cloud has allowed us to do that more efficiently. Oracle was 2.7x faster in training a large convolutional neural network (CNN) than AWS…and VMs and GPUs on Oracle are world-class.”

- Amro Shihadah, Founder and COO, IDenTV


Computer Vision Algorithms at Global Scale

“We moved to Oracle because we needed to scale-up and go global. We need storage but also the computing and processing in the cloud to support our computer vision algorithms for thousands of images. And we need the support of the AI team to use the Oracle platform to its edge. We’re getting all that.” 

-Simcha Shore, Founder and CEO, AgroScout


Machine Learning Creates Voice Content Fast

“We are highly dependent on high performance computing because we are a machine learning company. There’s lots of video, animations and advertisements that need voiceovers. We are able to create voice very quickly. And we are doing it on Oracle Cloud and its GPU service.”

- Kerem Sozugecer, CTO and Cofounder, DeepZen


Real-Time Streaming Video Anywhere

“We utilize Oracle Cloud and the power of NVIDIA GPUs to create and transcode video content. This means that when a user uploads a video into the Sauce platform, we can be streaming it to their collaborators on any device, anywhere in the world, in just moments. This is huge advantage for us.”

- Jonathan Girven, Cofounder and CTO, Sauce


Power to Solve Complex Global Problems

“Oracle has world-class GPU instances that deliver power, performance and scalability. This type of compute power enables our solution to work with researchers and organizations worldwide to tackle big, complex problems.”

- Daniel Raskin, CMO, Kinetica


More Speed, Lower Costs

What could your startup business accomplish with more speed and power at a lower cost? 

Does your startup need HPC resources? Start today with free cloud and discover why so many startup businesses are making the move to Oracle Cloud through Oracle's startup program. 

[This is the first blog in a five-part series exploring why startups are migrating from other cloud providers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Read the next installment: Startups Save Money by Migrating to Oracle.]

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