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Startup community heads to London for Oracle OpenWorld Europe

Kyle York
VP of Product Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and GM, Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit


Oracle OpenWorld Europe kicks off this week in London, and attendees can expect to see Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users from many smaller organizations and startups networking and attending informational sessions.

It's an exciting time for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as we continue to expand across the globe  at a rapid pace. We're proud to be fostering an inclusive, global community that consists of businesses of all types and sizes. After all, large enterprise companies aren't the only ones that require enterprise-grade infrastructure. In today's business environment, many startups need access to a low-cost, high-performance cloud that can help them keep pace with the competition. Oracle is committed to delivering the results they need.

Many of the smaller organizations attending the conference became Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users through the Oracle for Startups program, which gives startups access to Oracle Cloud credits, mentoring, partners, and much more. Most of them are businesses targeting enterprise customers, so their focus on governance, security, data management, compliance and hyper scale makes them perfect customers.

Some of the startups on hand at Oracle OpenWorld Europe include BotSupply, Snap Tech, Macty, BrandTotal, ELEM, LettUs Grow, Sauce, We Build Bots, and Gapsquare.

BotSupply is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based company that drives next-generation customer engagements and experiences. The company's platform helps brands create engaging and relevant customer experiences that take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like conversational artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing.

London-based Snap Tech offers world-class visual search tools for publishers, retailers, and influencers in the fashion industry and beyond. Snap Tech leads consumers to exactly what they want to buy online through a blend of visual search, AI, and ML.

Macty is a Leuven, Belgium-based artificial intelligence company that helps businesses grow by enabling the latest technology in computer vision and natural language processing. With Macty, retailers can easily integrate novel and fun ways for consumers to discover products both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

BrandTotal, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, uses ML and AI methodologies to help organizations reverse engineer the marketing strategies of their competitors. The BrandTotal platform provides actionable insights that enable companies to adjust marketing strategies in real time and easily adapt to the competitive landscape.

Barcelona, Spain-based ELEM is a biomedical software technology company that creates virtual humans for use in clinical trials. The company uses the power of mathematical modelling on high performance computers in the cloud to help biomedical companies test and improve medical devices and drug efficiency.

LettUs Grow, based in Bristol, England, designs efficient irrigation and control technology for indoor farms. The company's aeroponic grow beds and farm management software deliver higher crop yields while reducing production costs and making farmers' lives easier.

London-based Sauce is a cloud-based video collaboration platform that empowers businesses to create video content with their teams and communities around the globe. Powered by smartphones, the Sauce platform makes video production easy, affordable, and authentic.

Based in Cardiff, Wales, We Build Bots is the creator of IntelAgent, an enterprise AI and analytics platform that changes the shape of customer service. Working across web, messaging platforms, voice assistants, and social media, IntelAgent quickly resolves customer issues, identifies up-sell opportunities, and profiles customers based on their interactions.

Gapsquare, another Bristol-based startup, is a provider of pay transparency, gender, and ethnicity pay gap analysis. The company combines technologies like ML and big data analysis with equality and diversity expertise to provide insight into pay and wage equity and data-driven recommendations for change.

"We’re very excited about joining Oracle’s global startup program as it provides us opportunities to co-create innovative approaches to pay transparency and ensure they can reach a global market quickly," said Zara Nanu, Gapsquare's founder and CEO. "We are excited about scaling our technologies and working with great people at Oracle."

If you can't make it to Oracle OpenWorld Europe—no problem—we’ll continue to share content like this to educate and evangelize! We've also got conferences and meetups happening around the world all year long. Remember: Oracle OpenWorld Middle East begins in Dubai February 11th. And Oracle OpenWorld Asia is coming to Singapore on March 26th. We hope to see you at one of our conferences soon.

Learn more about the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem and the startups attending OpenWorld Europe today!

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