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Startup brings authenticity to video production

Whitney Durmick
Oracle for Startups

When I think about Priya Shah and her startup Sauce Video, the word that comes to mind is authenticity.

Sauce was founded almost a decade ago with the intent to help teams share and edit in-the-moment video content from their smartphones. The Oracle for Startups team even used it when we attended live events to capture footage of our startups in action and route the footage back to “mission control” to edit and share the clips on social media. 

We experienced firsthand how Sauce enabled easier collaboration between our social managers and the attendees who were armed with just their smartphone and a shot list. The videos got out into the world quickly and always did well because they were engaging and totally "real." They were the kind of video that made you feel like you were there, which is exactly the point.

Authentic videos capture the attention of customers, drive campaigns forward, and even build employee engagement, because people naturally gravitate toward content that feels true.  

Pandemic pivots

As so many businesses shifted to remote work, cloud-based digital collaboration became more important than ever. Sauce continues to expand its offerings to support more enterprise use cases. The startup was also acquired by Oracle and now sits within the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud suite of products. The tool is expanding from team collaboration into video publishing, hosting, even analytics, all supported by secure and scalable Oracle Cloud infrastructure

Chatting with Priya, I learned her perspective on being nimble as a startup founder, and adapting to support your customers' changing needs. "We have a big vision," she said, which is now supported by Oracle's larger reach and resources. She has a bigger team to bring her vision to life, and more potential to expand into global customers. 

The future is bright for Sauce Video, Oracle Content and Experience, and everyone who appreciates fun, authentic videos in their social feeds. 

Watch my conversation with Priya

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