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Startup AptivIO Partners with Oracle to Supercharge the Enterprise Selling Process

Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups
  • AptivIO uses AI and real-time market data to automate and enhance the sales process
  • They joined Oracle for Startups because of technology, but they’re staying for the revenue-generating opportunities
  • Oracle Cloud is proving more robust, scalable and reliable than Azure

How far can you get into your day before hearing or reading the word “autonomous”? 30 minutes? An hour? From vehicles to chatbots to intelligent applications, autonomous is everywhere, but autonomous sales development? That’s new. One startup is applying AI to supercharge the entire sales process – from identifying prospects to monitoring sales pipeline risk. And they partner with Oracle for Startups to help drive growth and innovation.

AptivIO is an Autonomous Sales Development platform that’s equal parts intelligent market analytics powerhouse and automated lead generation. AptivIO’s platform constantly ingests massive amounts of global market data to produce strong signals around prospects and customers, across the entire buying stage, producing highly tailored and personalized results.

With the explosion of data, it’s impossible to make fully formed decisions without AI and machine learning. AptivIO is a prime example of AI enhancing - not replacing - humans.

“Intelligent automation is able to process massive amounts of data humans simply can’t, and turn it into contextually relevant and timely insights,” said Guy Mounier, cofounder and CEO of AptivIO. “Building trusted relationships, personal engagements, and closing deals are where humans shine and thrive. We free up sales experts to focus on the human element.”

Complementary, Not Competitive

AptivIO doesn’t compete with today’s CRM or marketing automation tools, they complement them. In fact, partners like CRM vendors lead their go-to-market strategy – a key reason they partnered with Oracle.  

The two-year old startup got its start from the cofounders’ experience in fintech and continuous risk monitoring. For years, real-time market data services have been used to detect early warnings and anticipate trading opportunities. “We realized that compared to the financial services market, demand generation for B2B sales was crude. And we saw the opportunity for AptivIO.”

AptivIO targets high-value, relationship-based sellers in enterprise technology, telcos, financial and professional services, and advanced manufacturing.

“Today’s sales and marketing automation tools don’t listen to real-time market data like we do. By applying our proprietary platform across thousands of market data and customer engagement APIs, we auto-generate sales-ready leads and mitigate sales pipeline risk. So, we can enhance an organization’s existing CRM infrastructure quickly and easily.”

Oracle for Startups Outshining Competitors and Delivering Real Value

AptivIO’s decision to join Oracle for Startups and migrate to the Oracle Cloud was based on two main reasons: better technology and revenue-generation opportunities.

“We had downtime and lots of latency on Azure—on a pretty regular basis—and with Oracle we have been pleasantly surprised by the robustness, scalability and reliability,” said Mounier. “We process billions of data points daily and we can’t afford any latency or downtime. Oracle Cloud gives us the assurance we need to deliver value to our customers and to keep innovating with confidence.”

AptivIO joined the Oracle for Startups team at the recent Ascent Conference in New York City, where they were able to network and demo their solution. Mounier says opportunities Oracle provides like showcasing at events and customer introductions are invaluable.

“The program is delivering incredible value for us from events to market connect opportunities. It starts with the 70% discount for two years, which is a smart equity-free investment in our development, but the value extends beyond that. I’m impressed with the amount of resources Oracle has put into the program—from the technology to the co-selling opportunities.”

On the general premise that enterprises and startups don’t mix well, Guy disagrees when it comes to Oracle for Startups.

“Startups are accustomed to AWS, but I’d tell startups to keep an open mind and give it [Oracle for Startups] a chance. Compared to other startup programs I have experienced, Oracle for Startups is exceeding them by a factor of 10,” he said. “You can go to Microsoft or Salesforce and you don’t get the stuff Oracle delivers—you get generic offers.”

Customers Seeing Up to 30% Increases in Net New Opportunities

Mounier says the “aha moments” happen for his potential customers in the very first demo. “New and relevant insights always come up during the demo—revealing pretty quickly what they’ve been missing and how easily AptivIO can fill that void. We’ve had some say it’s like a ‘magic machine’.”

On average, AptivIO customers are seeing a range of 10% to 30% increase in net new opportunities added to their pipeline within the first month.

Ongoing Partnership with Oracle

Both Oracle and AptivIO are committed to a long-term partnership with plenty of benefits for both companies.

“A year from now, we’d like to have a handful of case studies, several co-selling opportunities and the word spreading about AptivIO across Oracle and the industry,” said Mounier. “The opportunities inside a company like Oracle are incredible for a growing startup. We look forward to maximizing the opportunities and resources Oracle is providing us.”

Join AptivIO and start saving on cloud with a 70% discount from day 1. Join Oracle for Startups.

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