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Jason Williamson
Vice President, Oracle for Startups

In his book, “The Third Wave”, visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of AOL Steve Case introduced the phrase “The Rise of the Rest” to describe the emergence of innovation outside the traditional hot pockets of Silicon Valley and New York to places like Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis and Raleigh. Case is right of course, but the rise of the rest isn’t just an American phenomenon. It’s global.

According to a recent report by the Center for American Entrepreneurship (CAE), global venture capital deals increased 73% in just seven years. That’s a lot of new startups. While the United States remains the global leader, its percentage of the investment pie went from 95% in the mid-1990s to 50% today. The global startup ecosystem is growing and becoming much more diversified.

While cities like San Francisco, Beijing, London and Tel Aviv continue to lead, cities all across the globe are quickly gaining ground. The advancements in cloud and mobile technologies are key reasons why. They are leveling the playing field.

That’s why we, at Oracle, are dedicated to supporting and accelerating startups at scale. Oracle wants to reach and engage with startups in practically every corner of the world.  From the highest ranks of our company, starting with Larry Ellison, arguably the original Silicon Valley entrepreneur, we understand the value of supporting emerging businesses and reaching a new generation of entrepreneurs to help drive innovation forward to build a better world.

We see it every day with the companies that are part of Oracle’s global startup program, representing startups of all sizes and stages from cities and regions all across the globe. Our program puts the extensive global resources of Oracle behind these innovators to enable their technology prowess and business growth while driving innovative, cloud-based solutions. We are creating an ecosystem of collaboration and co-development across our startups, customers and Oracle. And that’s enabling a virtuous cycle of innovation.

So how do we accomplish such lofty goals?

First, by establishing a scalable, sustainable and resource rich program.  The startups get access to the industry’s most robust and complete cloud technologies through free credits; then access to the deepest discounts available after the credits expire. The startups can also tap into world-class product portfolio and partner ecosystems; diverse and experienced mentoring; marketing, events and media exposure; and engagement opportunities with Oracle’s 430,000+ customers. Furthermore, we seek to provide technology support for their development or migration efforts.

Second, we constantly evaluate, learn and iterate. Our team functions like a startup inside of Oracle, continually learning and adapting to find the right balance of speed and execution for scalable and successful growth.

As the CAE report referenced above proves, entrepreneurs across the globe are helping drive the latest technologies that will change and improve our business and personal lives as well as our communities. The rise of the rest is indeed a global trend—one we aim to support and accelerate.

In 2019 and beyond, our program is positioned to reach and engage with thousands of new startups, across the globe, regardless of location, providing the support and resources only Oracle can uniquely deliver. 

But don’t take my word for it. The startups tell their stories best: From iGeolise earning top story of the year in Oracle Profit magazine to BotSupply saving 40% in costs and experiencing white-hot growth to a new generation of startups learning that Oracle is indeed for startups.


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  • Michael Rubel Friday, October 4, 2019
    Great to see Oracle adding real value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and empowering their Teams to move fast and act like startups.
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