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DriveOn Launches Mobility Blockchain Token ICO

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This blog post was authored by Expedito Belmont, CoFounder & CEO at DriveOn Blockchain Mobility


The new age of payment for personal data

Unlike major technology players who receive user data and monetize with them and users do not earn anything for it, DriveOn, a startup accelerated by Oracle, wants to reward with digital assets, all of the mobility data sent by users to the platform.

Have you ever imagined using the time you spend driving, for example, earning discounts on your car insurance by recording in blockchain the way you drive and exchanging this data for discounts and benefits in the platform marketplace,  generate reports to better negotiate your vehicle, or even, through your partner exchanges, exchange for crypto-coins or money?

Cryptomiles tokens, launched by StartUp DriveOn (www.driveonauto.com), has a proposal that intends to innovate the way the data produced by drivers are used.

Through the use of Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Blockchain, DriveOn will be building, with complete security and transparency, an automotive ecosystem which, on the driver's side, rewards good driving and good vehicle maintenance through Cryptomiles (www.cryptomiles.me) tokens and, on the side of companies interested in mobility data, makes available through the purchase of Cryptomiles tokens, the data authorized by these drivers connected to the platform.

The system works as follows: an OBD II hardware is connected to the OBD port of any vehicle manufactured from 2010 (plug and play installation) and from that point on, this hardware collects data on driver behavior and vehicle health and sends it to the Oracle Cloud. The DriveOn algorithm generates a score from these data and records it in the Autonomous Blockchain, guaranteeing the truth and reliability of the data. The user downloads the DriveOn application free of charge and begins to have access to their driving behavior information (sudden braking, sudden acceleration, speeding, among other indicators), and receive guidance for driving direction and access to vehicle health so that it can perform preventive maintenance and not be caught by surprise with, for example, a flat battery. As the user goes online on the platform, their validated information generates tokens that are transferred to it for use on the platform itself. The application has two versions: the standard version, with presentation of some information collected and the premium version, which gives access to all the information captured by the OBD device. To access the premium version, the user can use their own cryptomiles gained from their driving behavior and data shared on the DriveOn platform.

As an agnostic platform, DriveOn also turns cryptomiles into the telemetry data generated by the use of its mobility application or other mobility applications available on the market by prior configuration to the platform.

The Cryptomiles project, which has embedded Oracle Cloud and Blockchain solutions, enabled DriveOn to be ranked as the 39th most innovative startup in Latin America by the Innovation Latam Awards and its pioneering actions do not stop there. In December 2018, DriveOn launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which aims to promote the project to more than 1 million Brazilians who are part of the crypto ecosystem and acquire resources to further improve the platform through the sale of Utility Tokens Cryptomiles. To learn more about the project and participate in the Cryptomiles ecosystem, visit the website http://www.cryptomiles.me

DriveOn, founded by Expedito Belmont, Marcio Pessoa and Rodrigo Bezerra, is a company that was born in Manaus, Amazonas, but registered in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, due to the great opportunity to be accelerated by Darwin Startups, an accelerator that has 5 large corporate partners: Neoway (Big Data), CNseg par (arm of the National Confederation of Insurance Companies), RTM (Infrastructure for the Stock Exchange) and B3 (the Stock Exchange itself). In its journey, with the Cryptomiles proposal already in hand, DriveOn was also accelerated and graduated by InovAtiva Brasil (Federal Government innovation program), by the Startup School (pre-acceleration school of Y Combinator), and  by the Liga AutoTech (having access to four major automotive corporations - Mercedes-Benz, EATON, CUMMINS, Webmotors).

Drive connected! DriveOn!

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