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Meet the Startups Pushing Customer Service Forward

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

With the ability to buy products and have them land on your doorstep overnight, or get answers from a brand online within seconds, customer expectations have never been higher. And there’s a new generation of startups developing fresh and innovative technologies to help companies satisfy their customers and keep them coming back for more.

Here are three customer service-orientated startups part of the Oracle for Startups program.

Snap Tech
Online shopping has given us more choice when it comes to fashion than ever before, but finding the perfect item of clothing online can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Snap Tech uses visual search technology to remove this frustration for shoppers. Users of the UK startup’s website and app can take a photo of clothes they like and use its clever algorithms to find similar items for sale from 250 retailers’ online catalogues that suit their style and budget. The start-up’s code is also used by major magazines to help their readers buy featured products more easily.

Snap Tech works with retailers and publishers to achieve two main goals: to make the consumer online shopping experience as satisfying as shopping in the real world; and ultimately to add to their bottom line through increasing conversions or providing brand-new revenue streams based on existing content.

You can read more about Snap Tech and how it works with Oracle for Startups here.

We’ve all had online orders that have gone AWOL or aren’t quite what we expected, only to have to spend ages resolving the situation with a shop. But Jatana is making life easier for customers. Its artificial intelligence platform provides support teams with tools that cut costs, increase efficiency, and automate repetitive processes.

Using artificial intelligence, the platform leverages deep learning algorithms to understand customers’ intent and instantly trigger automated actions. The result is a cost-effective solution that unlocks ROI and helps brands deliver greater customer experiences at scale through automation. Jatana has already demonstrated it’s possible to reduce the average response time by 40%.

You can read more about Jatana’s technology here.

Many of us dread dealing with banks, but India-based startup Jubi.ai is making life easier for customers by creating voice and chat-based intuitive bots for some of the largest financial services and fintech businesses in India, and they are set to roll out globally soon. The company’s do-it-yourself super-bot creator allows any business to create a helpful bot without writing one line of code. These bots are used to power conversational automation of customer service, online lead generation and digital sales for large NBFCs, mutual fund houses, insurance companies and fintech businesses including some of the country’s largest banks.

Read more about how Jubi.ai is revolutionizing fintech, here.

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