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How to Meet Your Startup's Match

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

In Hollywood romantic comedies, fate often has a way of helping a perfect couple get together against all odds – think Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks at the top of the Empire State Building in the emotional peak of Sleepless in Seattle.

In the world of startup business, building lasting relationships can be just as tricky.

Meet your match 

At Oracle for Startups, we can sense when a startup and an enterprise customer are destined to click. 

So whether you are a startup looking for a boost or an Oracle customer looking for the next best thing in your industry, we can help you meet your match.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, please enjoy these recent meet-cutes facilitated by Oracle’s startup program

Fueling the spark

Brazilian startup Yamí offers a SaaS platform that turns any e-commerce site into a marketplace, and recently connected with motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha through an introduction during an Oracle sales cycle. 

“Being part of the Oracle ecosystem brings along a high-level network and business opportunities. The Yamaha project was only possible through the partnership with Oracle,” says Yamí CEO Rafael Bertolli. Yamaha felt the love, too, and is now using Yamí to support their expanded digital customer experience.

Hoping for the real deal

Airfluencers provides a platform to analyze and manage marketing with influencers, making it easier for brands to get exposure on social media platforms. Through partnership with Oracle's startup program, Airfluencers connected with HOPE Lingerie. “HOPE was the first client we met with Oracle and we closed a deal within 72 hours,” said CEO Rodrigo Soriano. 

Soriano admits the Oracle for Startups program seemed “too good to be true” at first blush, but since joining, the company has taken advantage of free cloud and has had meetings to discuss integrations with Oracle’s SaaS marketing automation and loyalty products.  

Getting better together 

Aurea Robotics creates tailored automation solutions that work for small companies, letting humans do creative work while robots carry out necessary tasks. The result is higher accuracy at a lower cost. The cloud startup connected with new business thanks to Oracle. 

So far, Aurea has met with customers including Bradesco, Seguradora and Zurich Santander, and gained exposure while participating in November’s FutureCom event in San Francisco. CEO Renata Fernandes says, “We have synergy and we understand that together we are stronger and with greater market penetration power offering the best solution to problems with the best team.” 

Making meaningful connections 

Fairmarkit uses Oracle’s sandboxes to test and build integrations, but the CEO of the tail spend management platform that uses machine learning to increase procurement control says the biggest benefit to being part of the Oracle for Startups program is the networking.

“One big perk has been that the Oracle team has introduced us to many Fortune 500 companies, including inviting us to exclusive events to meet prospective customers,” explains CEO and founder Tarek Alaruri.

They just "clicked"

SCADAfence – an Israeli security platform built to keep complex operational technology (OT) networks running smoothly - integrated with Oracle’s OT industrial platforms and intends to build a product designed to help customers adopt industrial OT security. 

A partnership with Oracle connected the startup business with industry leaders to help shape its future in the IoT space, while also identifying what challenges its customers face when adapting to cloud environments in their manufacturing facilities.

A relationship that makes cents

NotifyVisitors offers SMEs affordable tools to deliver targeted messages to the right customers at the right time, from push notifications and chatbots. The customer experience startup met with sales and delivery teams to discover the needs of Oracle customers and add desirable features to its offerings.

The company was then ready to make customer connections at Oracle events, including with one of the leading banks in India. The bank had already approved policy for Oracle infrastructure, opening the door to NotifyVisitors as they complied with the infrastructure policies and hosted their solution on the bank’s Oracle Cloud instance.


Startups not only get free cloud credits and a 70% discount from day one, but also access to expert mentorship and connections into Oracle product development and sales teams. What's not to love? 

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