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Holler.Live Rethinks Customer Feedback

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

Customer experience startup holler.live believes that democratizing public opinion benefits shoppers and businesses. CEO Rado Raykov joined cohosts Michael Hickins and Barbara Darrow on Stories from the Cloud last month to discuss how holler.live is disrupting the market research industry by using automation to offer brands real-time data, and the 'halo effect' they experience using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

A member of Oracle for Startups, holler.live disrupts the traditional approach to market research using automated steps to deliver real-time insights. For example, shoppers who rated a product highly might be asked why and rewarded with a discount code, while those who experienced an issue are invited to provide feedback. Customers can provide targeted feedback through an intuitive, accessible platform while companies gain valuable insights that inform product and service improvements. 

Raykov shares his experience working with various cloud providers’ startup programs, and how Oracle for Startups ‘seduced’ holler.live with outreach and support, but sealed the partnership with technology. “We found out that Oracle’s IT or Cloud offering has been severely overlooked,” he says. “We find it to be very robust…We’ve had zero problems so far running on Oracle Cloud.” 

Listen here for more insight into how companies refine their approach to customer feedback and how AI is changing the conversation between companies and users.

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