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Fast-Growing Fintech Startup Finding Success & Scale Running on Oracle Cloud

Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups


Indian fintech startup CashPundit is scaling their business and driving customer growth—and Oracle is playing a big role in their success. A member of Oracle’s global startup program, CashPundit is a cloud-based Cash Flow Management (CFM) solution that is helping CFOs across the globe better manage cash flow and identify potential shortfalls in cash balances to avoid cash flow problems and save money.  In short, this startup is making CFOs look like superstars, while simplifying their business lives.

Developed by veteran CPAs, the award-winning startup is crediting their partnership with Oracle for many of their successes.  

“Our business is accelerating in large part due to the benefits of running on Oracle Cloud, connection to enterprise customers, and world-class mentoring,” said CashPundit CEO Govindraj Muthyalu.  “With Oracle Cloud infrastructure, our speed, ease of use, and performance is far better than what AWS offers. And this is allowing us to help solve a major pain point for financial executives faster, better and more efficiently.”

A veteran CFO of many multimillion-dollar companies, Muthyalu says ask CFOs how they manage their cash flow and a vast majority would say manually in Excel. He says the No. 1 reason why businesses go bust is because they run out of cash. Essentially, CFOs across the world are struggling to manage their cash flows.  It was Muthyalu’s similar frustrations as a CFO that lead him to develop CashPundit.

Cash flow includes managing sales, receivables, payables, overheads and inventory. Most of our competitors focus on receivables management alone, whereas we focus on all the aspects of cash flows, and that’s giving us a unique value proposition that no one else in the industry can offer,” he says.

That competitive edge is helping CashPundit land some large and valuable customers, including Africa’s biggest IT distributor; a Dubai-based group that has operations across six continents; and a publicly listed Indian company which is a leading player in woven fabrics.

The Oracle partnership is helping CashPundit position for further scale and customer growth—particularly on the technology side of things.  The company was running on AWS and migrated over to Oracle Cloud infrastructure upon joining the Oracle Global Startup program.

“Oracle Cloud has the fastest, most performant, and robust cloud infrastructure in place,” Muthyalu says.  “In place upgrades to the Cloud instance are handled in a much better and easier way in Oracle Cloud than in AWS. And the security features in Oracle surpass those of AWS in every sense.” 

“Due to our multi-tenancy architecture, we were a little worried about how the migration to Oracle Cloud would happen. But the migration from AWS to Oracle Cloud was seamless without any hurdles or disruption in services. Firing up a new instance on Oracle was pretty straight forward and easy to set up,” commented Muthyalu.

CashPundit is using multi-tenancy architecture: The front-end is built on MS Visual Studio 2015 using ASP.Net hosted on IIS 7.0 on windows 2008 R2 Enterprise; and the back-end is running on SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition.

CashPundit integrates with ERPs and helps businesses effectively manage sales, receivables, and inventory across regions, sales teams, divisions and by customers. Users can instantly access the reports through their laptops and smartphones, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Additional features and benefits can be found on their website.

CashPundit is also benefitting from introductions to Oracle’s global customers, as well as future marketing opportunities such as being showcased at Oracle and third-party events and media and storytelling exposure with PR and AR activities.

“The Oracle Global Startup program is the best thing that has happened to us,” said Muthyalu.  “Our startup journey will be much faster and smoother with the Oracle partnership.”

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