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ezeDox: The Journey So Far

Vaibhav Jain
Co-Founder, ezeDox

The Idea

This all started when Veerendra Mishra, cofounder, struggled to find some important paper documents and realized the inefficiencies and problems one had to go through with paper-based and de-centralised documents. He immediately started to look for possible solutions to solve this problem. While Premananda Mohapatra (Prem) and I were busy with our corporate jobs, Veerendra was determined to solve the "document mess" as he calls it and quit his well-paying corporate job. He was scanning the ecosystem to look for solutions to solve this problem at a large scale.

Then came the A1000Trees event by our volunteer group called @SaveWhitefield, which was founded by all three of us along with a few other friends. That day we planted 1000 trees and Veerendra shared   the problem and his exploration so far. It really connected because it was so close to our group's idea about saving and planting more trees. We also discussed in detail the other perils attached with paper-based documents and processes. That discussion was enough for me to be blown away by the large prospect of the idea and the impact it could have on the efficiency of various processes. That's when I decided to come on board. We began to validate the idea by speaking with different people and started putting together the pieces for tech implementation.

Within a couple of days, Veerendra invited Prem for his cloud- and web-technology expertise. This was another special moment as Prem too liked what we were thinking and within a couple of hours we had Team ezeDox in place.

The Enabler

We had the problem to be solved, an able team to solve the problem, however we needed an enabler. That is where the #Aadhaar ecosystem and #IndiaStack came in. We dove deep into Aadhaar and India Stack to put all the pieces together which clearly gave us the confidence that this was the ecosystem which has the potential to solve this document mess at scale.

Now the only thing left to give wings to our dreams were our corporate careers. By day we were corporates and by night—late night—we were entrepreneurs working on our idea. However we soon realised this is not going to be feasible and we too quit our corporate jobs to come onboard full-time.

So we had a big, disruptive problem to solve, equally possible and scalable solution, and the able team to execute. But now we needed to accelerate everything.

The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program

At one point in the journey, we were using a good friend's office to work. Then we took a shared office in EPIP Bangalore and started putting the pieces together. One day on the F6S platform, we learned about the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program. We immediately decided to apply. It was the first time we formally started building the business presentation. We were extremely lucky to be selected for Batch 2 of the startup program in Bangalore—alongside a few other really cool startups. Suddenly, we had experts, industry leaders, and mentors available to guide us. ezeDox will always be grateful to Oracle for such a unique and exclusive program. Oracle's startup program not only connected us to local experts but also across the globe, thanks to their vast network, resources and technologies. We are currently running workloads on Oracle Cloud and gaining traction with potential new customers.

It has been an amazing ride for all of us and still continues to be. Our journey has just begun and with every passing day, our resolve to solve the Document Mess keeps getting stronger.

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