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Enterprise Readiness Is a Startup’s Force Multiplier

Vikas Raina
Principal Cloud Architect, Oracle for Startups

These days, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a sturdy vehicle and plenty of gas in the tank. In the case of startups, the journey to scale starts with Oracle Cloud and cloud-native technology. There is a wide array of benefits a startup can reap once they are on Oracle Cloud. Oracle for Startups was designed to help startups leverage these benefits and scale up to the next level.
To accelerate the journey, Oracle for Startups offers access to a team of cloud architects. Many startups get up and running on Oracle Cloud completely on their own, so the cloud architect team (CAT) is an added benefit for those startups who appreciate more hands-on guidance. For the startups leveraging our support, working with this team is a force multiplier. 
As a technology company, Oracle provides a clear mandate for the CAT team: help startups leverage the diverse offerings within Oracle Cloud to accelerate innovation. The team is composed of experienced Cloud Architects and Specialists and takes on the role of trusted advisor for the startup ecosystem by helping them build enterprise grade, secure, and scalable cloud architecture with superior performance.

Startups come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes, we work with startups that have a strong technical acumen and an abundance of resources. More often, startups join the program with a top-tier technical team that’s under-resourced, or little-to-no resourcing and limited cloud experience. 

In the latter cases, the team can take on the task of migrating workloads to OCI, or act as an extra pair of eyes as the startup works through the processes of setting up their cloud environments. Sometimes our involvement is as simple as providing customized Quick Start Guides, explicitly written for startups to get started on Oracle Cloud faster. The cloud architect team is not tech support. For that, we have My Oracle Support.

We are an advisory team working with CTOs and helping startups build a world-class, enterprise-ready secure platform on Oracle Cloud, which promotes continued growth and innovation through a cost-effective and user-friendly cloud platform. The benefit of a global, virtual team extends to every startup that signs up for Oracle for Startups, and the startups rave about their experience. 

Arun Satyan, founder of talent acquisition startup HYREO, shared his experience. "It was a joy to work with the Oracle cloud technical team. We had a very quick transition to Oracle Cloud. It just took 4 days from our first instance approval to application deployment for client testing. And critical to this was the kind of support we received from the Oracle global team."  

Cloud architects help startups in a variety of ways.

1.    Analyze the startup’s current landscape and provide architectural designs and deployment plans on OCI 
2.    Provide TCO beforehand
3.    Work with startups to migrate partial or complete workloads to Oracle Cloud
4.    Recommend best practices 
5.    Guide startups with any technical advisory discussions
6.    Share new cloud services, especially emerging tech and cloud native
7.    Provide relevant documentation, videos, and webinars
8.    Drive access to global network of Oracle Product Managers and Product leaders
Startups can reach the global team by dropping us an email. We also maintain a community message board that startups in the program use to post their queries. We help startups get started on Oracle Cloud and keeps the immediate path illuminated in the startup's quest to solve complex technical challenges.

Take advantage of the benefits of bespoke technical support on your path to migration, adoption, and scale. Join Oracle for Startups

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