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Cutting Service Response Times By 40% Jatana is Empowering AI-enabled Customer Service

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

Online shopping makes life easier…most of time. But we’ve all had orders that have gone AWOL or aren’t quite what we expected, only to have to spend days trying to talk to an online shop and get some information to resolve the annoying situation.

Jatana was started in 2017 to put an end to these frustrations and is already saving customers and businesses time and money. Its custom AI chatbots use text recognition and artificial intelligence to answer customers’ questions within seconds.

What’s the problem?

With global ecommerce sales predicted to top $4.88tr in 2021, you can bet there will be more unhappy and confused shoppers for brands to handle.

Jatana aims to help by providing an AI-enabled customer service platform that’s capable of integrating with popular help desks, to enhance a human support team. Its ultimate goal is to help brands deliver greater customer experiences at scale by automating the support process.

The startup’s software uses AI to address repetitive issues, assisting agents with suggested replies, and can even resolve simple problems without human intervention. It uses natural language processing and conversational automation processing in order to understand the content in a query or problem. It then decides on an appropriate answer in a matter of milliseconds, interfacing with the necessary backend systems, having learned how to behave from historical data.

Because of this multi-layered analysis, Jatana is capable of understanding what a company’s customers are looking for and can connect to 3rd party systems to fetch the required information needed to answer questions, and automate previously manual tasks to take the strain off of human teams.

Of course, some problems may be too complex for algorithms to solve alone, but the software can still suggest a template that a human agent can use to formulate a reply.

Tried and tested

Jatana’s customers within the ecommerce space have demonstrated that it’s possible to reduce the average response time by 40%. “You’re talking about huge numbers. There are cases where we have made up to 96-97% of specific tasks automated.” says Francesco Stasi, Founder and CEO of Jatana.

Scandinavian store KitchenTime says Jatana has helped cut its response time to queries by 50% within a month, while another of its clients says its staff now have more time to create campaigns and offer personalised support to its main customers, with the AI capable of handling half of incoming queries within three months.

What’s next?

Stasi believes chatbot automation is still in its infancy, and will soar in the coming years as consumers get used to talking to computers.

While we are currently experiencing an AI revolution, Jatana says it is going through an “educational phase” as the majority of the ecommerce industry either doesn’t know how AI could help, or has unrealistic expectations.

AI technology is not yet capable of replacing a human customer service agent, but Jatana’s technology can automate the most repetitive tasks. The result is a boost to team efficiency, freeing humans up to handle more complex inquiries, as well as saving a company time and money it costs to hire and train new employees.

So, despite AI scare stories, customer service jobs for humans are safe and may well become more varied and interesting as more mundane tasks are delegated to AI.

Working with Oracle?

Being part of Oracle for Startups has helped Jatana spread its message, while running on Oracle Cloud helps the startup feel secure and safe.  Stasi says Oracle’s large customer base has given the company a lot of visibility, while running on Oracle’s solid cloud infrastructure means Jatana can be sure its customers’ data is always safe and private, because with Oracle, “it’s all taken care of”.

He says it takes time to work the partnership but it really gives them a scale that would be difficult to find without the partnership. “It’s been a great journey and we think the best is yet to come.”

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