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Brazilian Startup Uses AI to Boost Workplace Diversity

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

If you’ve ever got the feeling you didn’t get a job because of how you look, you’ll know how frustrating unconscious bias can be. But this could soon become a thing of the past thanks to Jobecam - a Brazilian startup using AI to eliminate bias in the recruitment process.

Globally, just 15% of leadership positions are held by women according to a report by Deloitte, while in Jobecam’s home country of Brazil, black people hold a disproportionately small percentage of management positions, despite representing more than half of the population. “We live in a world with people from different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds, but equal opportunity in the labor market is not always a reality – and we want to change that,” says Cammila Yochabell, CEO and Founder of Jobecam.

The solution

Jobecam was born out a frustrating job search experience that Yochabell had, when her degree in Oil & Gas put recruiters off hiring her despite a wealth of experience in HR. Later, while working as a recruitment professional, she found flaws in the hiring process that inspired her to launch Jobecam in 2016. Jobecam, the first platform for blind video interviews, uses video technology and intelligent algorithms to reduce bias during the hiring process.

Instead of paper CVs, candidates apply using short videos in which their identities are obscured, and Jobecam’s tech records and transcribes what’s being said. Then, AI software ranks candidates against matching keywords and Q&A responses, all without (potentially biased) human intervention. Recruiters can watch the edited video, in which AI algorithms conceal the candidate’s identity by blurring their image and changing their voice. Only when a recruiter is satisfied with a candidate’s experience and skills, can they unblur the screen and reveal the candidate’s identity.

“We help the decision-maker to evaluate candidates just for their competences, abilities and experiences instead of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.” Yochabell says. “Beyond being more efficient in terms of time and cost for the recruiters, they can opt-in to activate the blind interview and bring more diversity to their companies, generating more engagement and better results in the workplace.”

The results
Oracle used Jobecam’s blind recruitment software for its intern program in Latin America, resulting in a more diverse intake, including more women. “Oracle already are a diverse company and we could help them - imagine what our software could do in companies without this inclusive vision.” Yochabell says.

Having a more diverse workforce isn’t only good PR. Employees are 17% more engaged and willing to go the extra mile, conflicts fall by 50% and results are 60% better.

Jobecam, Oracle and the future

Jobecam’s business has grown more than 200% since joining Oracle’s startup program. The startup uses Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure to save videos and its API, resulting in reduced implementation time and costs.

Yochabell has one big dream – to extend Jobecam’s reach. “In the future, we hope to help companies globally. Our mission is to change the world, valuing differences,” Yochabell says.

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