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Brazil-based logistics company starts a blockchain reaction with Oracle

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

It’s hard to overstate the vastness of Brazil – a country that’s bigger than the contiguous US, twice the size of the EU and whose 12th largest state is as large as the UK. So it comes as no surprise that receiving a parcel from an online retailer might test your patience, when there is complex terrain and a rainforest standing in the way.

Cloud logistics management startup Intelipost intends to make shipping easier and more cost effective for ecommerce sites operating in Brazil.  An Oracle for Startups partner since 2017, Intelipost is now using Blockchain to deliver an even more efficient package for its customers.

A logistical nightmare

Seven years ago, founder and CEO Stefan Rehm noticed Brazil had a logistics problem. He set up Intelipost in 2014 to help online retailers find a better way to distribute their products and offer a better customer experience in the huge country, which also suffers from a lack of investment in infrastructure and has no train network.

Intelipost’s technology works its magic at the point of sale on a retailer’s website, with no extra steps for customers. Shoppers simply put in their zip code and Intelipost’s algorithms suggest the best delivery options available for each shipment, allowing the customer to choose whether they want to save more money or time.

As soon as the order is competed, Intelipost helps the retailer print the shipping label, call the transporter to pick up the package, and track the shipments, sending updates along to the customer via email, SMS or WhatsApp.

The customer saves time and money on their delivery, and retailers benefit from using  Intelipost too. “With one of our customers, we’ve managed to increase their shipping conversion rates by 10%. That’s a lot. And for others, we’ve reduced shipping costs by 30% by choosing the best and cheapest option and by automating all the tasks that are usually manual,” Rehm says.

The complete package

Intelipost was one of six startups to take part in Oracle’s first startup cloud accelerator program in Brazil and received guidance, free cloud products and networking help. Since its founding, Intelipost has doubled the size of its staff and revenue, and now counts some of the top retailers in Brazil as well as multinationals such as Nespresso and Chanel as customers.

The startup’s rapid scaling is in part due to its integration with the Oracle Commerce Cloud, which makes it easier for new customers to use the solution and save their customers money and time to deployment.

The company was also a beta tester and early adopter of Oracle’s Blockchain Platform.  The platform provides software and server infrastructure for companies to set up and manage networks of distributed ledgers, and use them to monitor supply chains, process business transactions and streamline existing business processes around supply chain, identity, cross-border payments, and fraud detection.

Adopting the Oracle Blockchain Platform has helped position Intelipost at the cutting edge.  “We’re on the way to really implementing blockchain in our principal product, and connecting some of our ecosystem partners on that platform, as well as creating the first blockchain for logistics in Brazil,” says Rehm, who anticipates it will take 3-10 years for blockchain to find its place in the corporate world.

A better future together

Rehm says the partnership with Oracle has brought sales opportunities and has had a direct impact on financial results. In the coming 12-18 months, Intelipost plans on expanding across Latin America and to offline retailers too. He believes blockchain has the potential to bring companies together, accelerate business processes and lead to more data consistency.

Rehm believes the real challenge of blockchain is a lack of understanding of the technology’s potential. By bringing companies together, hosting hackathons, recording podcasts and speaking at events, he hopes to spread the message of blockchain and partnerships with enterprise solutions like Oracle’s.

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