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Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups

Developers want choice when creating, not headaches with IT operations and vendor lock-in.  

Open source and open standards—with languages, databases, and compute shapes—are a critical consideration for startups as they select cloud providers, especially as more and more companies consider a multi-cloud approach

A recent report cited openness as a developer’s top reason for choosing a cloud. We are seeing that play out in real time. Startups who migrate to Oracle Cloud cite open source and openness as a deciding factor. '

Here, five startups share why an open platform, coupled with industry-leading IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, makes Oracle their preferred cloud provider. 


Flexibility and Ease 

“The technology that Oracle offers is in line with the best in the market and gives us the flexibility we need to create and innovate. We started by transferring 1% to Oracle Cloud. Then a week later we transferred all processing to Oracle. It was easy and we were able to do it [migrate to OCI] ourselves.”

- Rodrigo Soriano, CEO and Founder, Airfluencers 


Seamless Integrations

“How everything seamlessly all integrates with the Oracle Analytics Cloud and capabilities is hugely beneficial for us and requires very low engineering on our part.”

- Amro Shihadah, Founder and COO, IDenTV


Focus on Product Differentiators

“One of the key reasons we were excited to move from AWS to OCI was Oracle's renewed focus on utilising, and contributing to, open source projects. Our technology stack at Sauce has always been powered by open source technologies like Kubernetes and Istio. This has allowed us to focus on our core product differentiators, the things that really impact our customers, rather than reinventing the wheel.”

- Jonathan Girven, Co-Founder and CTO, Sauce 


Efficient Ops and Onboards 

“We found that the openness of the platform is very important. We wanted to change our solution architecture from VM-based to containers-based architecture, as the latter provides more control and efficient operations. And Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides managed Kubernetes services, which gave us the freedom to design our solution the way we see fit and helps new members on our team to get on board easily and fast. And Oracle Cloud did not disappoint regarding this point.”

- Dr. Abdulrahman Alsultan, Founder and CEO, Awini App


Enabling a Multi-Cloud Future 

“While other clouds are building out roadmaps to lock-in customers, one of Oracle's biggest opportunities is leveraging its strength in Software-Defined-Networking (SDN) to power the emerging, global cloud environment. Erasing the lines between clouds will become a number one priority in the next five years and Oracle could emerge the neutral leader in this space and continue to dominate in both database and applications.”

- HO Maycotte, CEO and founder, Molecula

Startups don’t have to get locked in and limited by their cloud provider. Start today with free cloud and discover why so many startups are making the migration to Oracle Cloud. 

[This is the third blog in a five-part series exploring why startups are migrating from other cloud providers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Read the previous installment: Startups Save Money by Migrating to Oracle.]

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