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Ambassador from "startup heaven" shares secrets to success in India

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The Oracle for Startups ambassador network includes inspiring professionals dedicated to supporting startups around the globe. This piece was written by India-based ambassador Jai Narayanaswamy. 

Name: Jayakumar Narayanaswamy 
Role: Startup Ambassador and Mentor
Region: APAC - India 
Title: Senior Manager, Software Development

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India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore is home to over 2,500 active startups and invites an influx of talent from all parts of India to contribute and collaborate in the thriving tech city. 

What makes Bangalore a startup hotspot?

One ingredient of a successful startup hub is the local educational institutes. Bangalore offers superb facilities, from The Indian Institute of Management to the Indian Institute of Science. These institutions foster the skills, mindset, and vision that aspiring entrepreneurs need to make their startup dreams a reality. 

Beyond these educational resources, the city offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet and connect. From meetups to hackathons, startups have plentiful opportunities to collaborate and share their experiences, everything from overcoming challenges to successfully achieving goals.

Also, almost half of the active PE and VC funds in India are based in Bangalore! That means burgeoning startups have real opportunity to connect directly with investors. 

Disrupting with cloud technology

As an ambassador for Oracle for Startups I have been able to connect with startups across the Bangalore ecosystem. My goal is to help emerging companies understand how partnering with Oracle can take their startup to the next level.

My passion is innovation - specifically building technical ideas with likeminded professionals. The startups I have seen enroll in the Oracle startup program are so exciting; they are inventing highly innovative solutions to solve complex problems using Oracle Cloud. I truly believe cloud computing is the most exciting disruptive technology available to us, as it is the foundation for any company to work faster, grow their revenue, and continually innovate to remain at the cutting edge of their market.

MoshakTech is one startup bringing this idea to life. Their product uses AI and NLP-based algorithms to create recommendations for cloud optimization in a multi-cloud environment. 

The SaaS platform for multi-cloud management uses a simple single glass pane interface and multi-service integration to help MSEs and enterprises increase efficiency and decreasing integration, operation, and training costs.

Risk, reward, and realism

The recent advances in technology allow startups to move markets forward like never before. It’s a hugely exciting time to be an entrepreneur and, while the sky is the limit, the dream should be tapered with a good dose of pragmatism. Creating a successful startup isn’t rocket science, but it does require creating a plan and executing it wisely. 

The startups I have worked with share certain traits and behaviors that set them up for success:

  • They are truly innovative and understand what makes their startup unique.
  • They test their product in the market and are receptive to feedback.
  • They have a strategic plan for growth which allows them to act quickly and pivot early.
  • They understand how to execute their plan effectively. A good idea alone is not enough!
  • They empower their teams to act quickly and learn continuously.

A bright future 

The Oracle for Startups ambassador network allows the great people at Oracle to support startups in their own local ecosystem through their journey as an Oracle partner. The network is a fantastic place to connect with like-minded colleagues, as well as engage with new startups and partners.

The experience helps me put my technology, project, and people management experience to good use.  

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