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AI visual search meets shoppers where they are

Whitney Durmick
Oracle for Startups

You can tell that I had a ton of fun talking to Jenny Griffiths from Snap Vision. As a lover of online shopping, I was excited to learn more about how Snap Vision’s AI tool helps online retailers keep customers engaged. Jenny also shared her whip smart insights on the retail industry, emerging technology, and what it was like working with Oracle as an entrepreneur. 

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Many uses for visual search

Brands that leverage Snap Vision’s AI technology keep shoppers engaged by helping them find more of what they like. Beyond that, the technology can be used for brand protection as retailers keep a lookout for their products appearing on other sites. This CX approach is an evolution from Snap Vision's original iteration - a simple mobile app that let you photograph an item and find similar items online. 

How the pandemic shapes retail 

Jenny shares my love for retail therapy, so she was disheartened to see beloved brands closing their doors as the pandemic brought in-person shopping to a standstill.  

To do her part and support struggling business, Jenny and Snap Vision offered their technology for free to retailers in the UK, with the knowledge that while business budgets got tighter, creating a great digital experience had never been more important to a brand's survival. Her decision demonstrated the empathy that is so important to entrepreneurs, and Snap Vision bolstered their own business by supporting others in times of uncertainty. 

In addition to shopping moving online, consumer shopping behaviors also adapted to life at home. Jenny explained that people were shopping for more of what they knew. Shoppers grasped for familiarity and comfort in times of change. (My growing stack of cozy black sweaters will attest to this.) 

But for those who wanted to break out of the same old style, it was cool to hear how the search tool also helps identify new items. Jenny's example of shopping for a velvet bridesmaid dress was all too relatable, and I loved how she shared exactly how Snap Vision's visual search could help her find a dress in a style she loved, in the fabric and color combo to keep the bride smiling. 

"It's been a wild ride." 

An early member of Oracle for Startups, Snap Vision has leveraged the relationship into integrations with Oracle CX products including Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud. Alignment with Oracle adds an extra layer of familiarity and credibility when they pitch to new enterprise retail customers, who are often already leveraging an Oracle product or two in-house. 

I had a blast hearing about Snap Vision's success, and the journey with Oracle that she describes as a "wild ride." Check out our conversation and then follow in Jenny's footsteps toward cost savings on enterprise cloud, plus business-building connections to drive your startup into the next stage of success. Join Oracle for Startups


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