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3 High-powered startups scaling with NVIDIA and Oracle Cloud

Cathy Traugot
Senior Writer

Last year, Oracle announced it was the first major cloud provider to make NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU on bare metal instances generally available. Oracle’s latest GPU instances help customers run complex, data-intensive, high-performance applications like modeling and simulations more efficiently and at a lower cost.

The announcement included comments from two startups - DeepZen and IdenTV - that were already using Oracle Cloud and NVIDIA’s GPUs to save money while delivering cutting-edge solutions. 

Several dozen companies enrolled in Oracle for Startups are also working with NVIDIA Inception, which underscores that the kind of computing power once available only to the enterprise companies is now accessible to startups at prices they can afford. 

Re-engage customers, educate staff 

IVR-based chat and voice bots have been handling simple customer service questions for several years. Now, the race is on to train them to assist with more complicated and intelligent conversations. The contact center industry seeks solutions that automate multiple processes beyond the need for human intervention. 

Gnani’s multilingual Conversational AI technology is deployed for simple re-engagement activities (like calling to remind someone their payment is due), as well as more sophisticated needs, including performing sentiment analysis of live calls to educate agents.

Gnani.ai was already working with electronics giant Samsung when it began working with Oracle for Startups. The addition of NVIDIA helps founder Ganesh Gopalan’s engineers refine the speech-to-text algorithms. “They are the gold standard,’’ he says.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is his go-to for handling high performance computing. Gopalan appreciates the range of products and services that his technology can hook into with Oracle. Plus, he leverages his relationship with Oracle for Startups to reach the right people to discuss technical components and potential joint customers. “We are looking at leveraging Oracle’s audience,’’ he confirms. 

A new way to organize physical stores 

The convenience of online shopping puts even more pressure on the owners of physical stores to create inviting spaces. In France, Anavid uses AI to help retailers reimagine their physical locations. 

The technology uses an existing video feed from security cameras to analyze how customers interact with merchandise, to provide store managers with insights on how to stock the store, engage with customers, and boost sales.

"Traditional retail can’t exist like today's current format. Store traffic will decrease due to online commerce,’’ says Anavid CEO Ahmed Chaari. “Retailers will need to leverage technology to improve the physical experience. Shopping must change from a transactional experience to an emotional one." 

While Anavid designs its AI algorithms on NVIDIA and uses Oracle for compute power, it needs more than technology to succeed. The cloud startup was also looking for help refining its message and building connections to retailers. That’s where Oracle for Startups provided an extra boost. Chaari is working with a mentor who offers guidance on go-to-market strategy. Meanwhile, the Oracle sales team is out in the field, discussing the product with potential customers like a major French retailer. 

“This is really helping us build connections,’’ Chaari says.  

More modeling to speed chest pain care

Chest pain can signal multiple health problems, from cardiac episodes to less serious problems like reflux. Only 5% of ER visits for chest pain actually turn out to be heart attacks

But chest pain symptoms trigger detailed, expensive, and time-consuming workups. So HEARTio founders Utkars Jain and Adam Butchy are training an AI model to read an ECG quickly, with the goal of stratifying patient risk, and help make faster admit/discharge decisions. It's a form of triage that has been acknowledged with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recognition of the solution as a breakthrough device

To scale HEARTio with technical support, Jain and Butchy joined NVIDIA Inception and Oracle for Startups. 

“NVIDIA is the leader in creating GPUs, they have an entire team devoted to making machine learning and AI easy,” Jain says. “And Oracle has a lot of great SKDs that make deploying and training a breeze. We’re able to upload data pretty efficiently and we can run everything quickly and accurately.” 

Jain and Butchy also appreciate the 70% discount on cloud for two years, which helps startups who are still securing funding do more for less. “The best part of the discount is we get to run lots of experiments all at once and that speeds up the entire model process," they said. 

Oracle for Startups and NVIDIA Inception both offer startups more than free credits, with dedicated support and access to broad networks of technology and talent.  

Interested in tapping into the combined power of NVIDIA and Oracle? Begin by joining Oracle for Startups

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