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2021 will be the year of the cloud startup

Sarah Griffiths
Freelance Journalist

No one can predict what the weather holds for 2021, but the forecast for businesses is almost certainly "cloudy." 

Forrester predicts CIOs will spend less overall as the pandemic keeps budgets under close scrutiny, but will embrace cloud-first platform strategies in a bid to streak ahead of competitors in the ‘new normal.’

This means startups using Oracle Cloud infrastructure (OCI) are well-placed for the uncertain year ahead, thanks to OCI’s high-performance computing power and real-time elasticity for enterprise applications. What’s more, members of Oracle for Startups can access OCI at a 70% discount, and enjoy free credits and other perks of the startup program.

The forecast calls for clouds  

The impact of Covid-19 in the workplace reinforced the value and necessity of cloud computing to the world’s economy and workforce, according to Forrester. The research firm noted that without cloud, businesses could not have maintained supply chains, pivoted business models, or let employees work from home.

Its trend report says the pandemic has exposed ‘stark contrasts’ between companies that embrace cloud technologies and those that have yet to invest and are now lagging behind. 

It predicts the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021, with three in ten firms accelerating their spend on cloud in 2021. This includes companies that are struggling to survive, as well as others “looking to leapfrog less wily competitors and gain advantage coming out of the pandemic.”

“Leading CIOs will embrace cloud-first and platform strategies for speed and adaptiveness, eschewing stovepipes for end-to-end solutions,” the report says.

How startups are using OCI

Members of Oracle’s startup program are already enjoying the benefits of OCI at a 70% discount. For example, Oracle Cloud has helped Televindu financially. Øystein Hansen, cofounder of the Norwegian video platform, says, “The alternative would be to buy expensive computers right away so we would have had to set aside capital for that. With the virtual machine, it’s more pay-as-you-go, which brings flexibility in terms of scaling.”

BotSupply cofounder Francesco Stasi praises OCI’s solidity. “We can be certain our customer’s data is always safe and private—that’s all taken care of,” he says, while Amro Shihadah, founder and COO, IDenTV likes that it’s low maintenance.

“How everything seamlessly all integrates with the Oracle Analytics Cloud and capabilities is hugely beneficial for us and requires very low engineering on our part,” he says.

Can OCI help your business, too?

Embracing Oracle Cloud could help startups get ahead during turbulent times, by lowering costs, giving companies the power and security they need, and by helping startups to scale up.

Compared to AWS and Microsoft Azure, OCI offers a lower cost in most products, particularly storage and networking, making it ideal for companies that want to save money. (Isn't that everyone?) Furthermore, Oracle for Startups gives growing businesses  a 70% discount plus free credits to get started. 

Startups are discovering that OCI is also simpler to use and set up than alternatives, with hands-on migration assistance and consistent pricing worldwide, plus a flexible monthly credit model.

See how OCI compares to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

OCI is built to handle workloads from DevOps to high-performance compute including AI, machine learning, analytics, and data modeling. With per-second billing for bare metal and VMs, it offers enterprise power at a startup price tag. 

While any company will be focused on surviving, adapting, and thriving in difficult times, using OCI means there is no need to worry about cloud security and performance.

Startups that switched to OCI have experienced huge savings for outbound bandwidth, 2x better compute price and performance, plus 44% lower compute costs for HPC.

Startups that are pivoting or taking advantage of new opportunities will also appreciate OCI’s enterprise-ready technology that’s built for scale. It means cloud resources that scale to meet demand, integrate with enterprise suites, and solve pain points for the big brands, making startups more likely to snag a dream enterprise customer that wants to take a chance on a smaller firm with major potential. 

In short, Oracle Cloud helps startups move towards a bright future. Get started today.


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