OracleNext Podcast | September 8, 2018

Oracle’s Approach to Global Enterprise and Startup Innovation: An Interview with Reggie Bradford

By: Roland Smart


In this episode of OracleNext, I had the opportunity to talk to Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem—Oracle's startup program for entrepreneurs worldwide. Previously, Reggie was CEO of Vitrue—a pioneering cloud-based social marketing platform which was acquired by Oracle in 2012—and held executive management positions at Tandberg Television, N2 Broadband, and WebMD.

Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem focuses on reimagining enterprise and startup innovation through true partnerships, co-development, and co-innovation. Compared to traditional programs, Oracle’s is markedly different:

  • It doesn’t take equity;
  • It’s run by a global-first R&D team;
  • It provides access to Oracle Cloud, with enterprise expertise and resources to match;
  • And it offers engagement opportunities with Oracle’s 430,000+ customers in 175 countries—providing pathways to growing a startup’s business locally, regionally, and globally.

As a three-time startup founder/executive, Reggie has long grappled with the prototypical as well as the seemingly inexplicable challenges that most startups deal with. During our conversation, Reggie reminded me that 50% of his time as a startup CEO and entrepreneur was invested in raising capital and seeking out customers. In the face of such relentless time-allocation and resource-allocation problems today, identifying high-leverage tools for speeding up business processes and entering new markets (including enterprise markets) has never been more critical.

Tune into this OracleNext episode to learn how startups and Oracle are partnering on continuous innovation: how they’re using machine learning to uncover insights from torrents of complex data; how the program’s startups have already generated substantial revenue traction; and what the future will bring as the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem expands to cover new cities, industries, and breakthrough technologies.

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ROLAND SMART is a product oriented marketing leader who serves as a vice-president in the Oracle corporate marketing group. During his tenure he has led several modernization initiatives related to The Oracle Technology Network, social programs, and content/inbound programs. His previous experience includes early roles at a number of startups including Involver which was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Smart speaks at industry events such as the ad:tech, Modern Marketing Experience, The Social Media Optimization Conference, SXSW, and co-hosts The Marketing Agility Podcast. He's written for such industry publications as Forbes and iMedia. His acclaimed book The Agile Marketer: Turning Customer Experience Into Your Competitive Advantage was published in 2016 by Wiley.



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