Celebrating the joy and power of Oracle SQL with the Oracle Developer Advocate team

  • November 30, 2015

UKOUG Tech15 Sessions with the Oracle Developer Advocates

Chris Saxon
Developer Advocate

UKOUG Tech15, Britain's largest Oracle technology conference, is just one week away!

The SQL Developer Advocates, Connor McDonald and Chris Saxon are both presenting. There are five chances for you to join us and expand your SQL skills. Our sessions are:

Super Sunday 6 Dec

12c Features for Developers

15:00 with Connor McDonald

With the banner headline multitenancy features in Oracle Database 12c, lost in the mix has been the incredible list of new features for developers. Hundreds of improvements and new facilities have arrived in Oracle Database 12c. This session redresses the balance and excites developers with all the new Oracle Database 12c goodies

Monday 7 Dec

Supercharge Your SQL Skillset

15:10 with Connor McDonald

Cloud and virtualisation services now take care of many of the day to day concerns for organisations - keeping infrastructure up to date, ensuring the integrity of backup/recovery, resource capacity and high availability. Finally IT professionals can focus on the true art of software development - writing quality SQL to provide data to upstream services. This session covers some of the SQL techniques available in the Oracle database, to allow developers to supercharge their SQL skillset.

Tuesday 8 Dec

Oracle Flashback

11:20 with Connor McDonald

With Flashback Data Archive now available as part of the core product, it's worth exploring this and all of the other flashback facilities available in the database engine. Flashback options are rarely considered in day to day practice, because of blinkered view that it is only for when an "accident" occurs. However, there are countless other value use cases that will be covered in this session. All of the variations: - flashback table - flashback drop - flashback query - flashback database - flashback transaction - flashback data archive will all be covered.

Wednesday 9 Dec

SQL Magic - Tricks to Demonstrate SQL Features You've Probably Never Used

9:00 with Chris Saxon

In this fun session you’ll see SQL versions of classic magic tricks. These include the cup and balls trick, where rows inserted into one table magically reappear in another, a card trick where a randomly selected “card” (row) from a “deck” (table) floats to the top of the deck and the magically changing row trick where the value returned by a query changes just by issuing a select statement!

Unlike real magicians however, I’ll show you how the tricks are done. This will enable you to perform your own SQL “magic” and apply these principles when building Oracle database applications.

This session is intended for developers, DBAs and data modelers looking to expand their SQL skills, highlighting features that are new to 12c as well as little used existing options.

Finding All the Red M&Ms: A Story of Indexes and Full Table Scans

14:30 with Chris Saxon

"Why isn't my query using an index?" is one of the most common questions beginners have when tuning SQL. This talk explores the factors that influence the optimizer's decision behind this question. It does so by comparing fetching rows from a database table to finding all the red M&Ms across a number of bags of sweets.

It looks at two methods for getting the chocolate and then compares these to index lookups and full table scans in execution plans. It demonstrates how the optimizer analyzes the work necessary for each method, discussing the point at which a full table scan becomes more efficient than an index range scan. It goes on by discussing how the physical ordering of data in the tables affects these calculations.

This talk is intended for developers and DBAs new to query optimization who want to understand the principles behind the cost-based optimizer. By the end of the talk they will be able to explain the factors that influence the original question and understand the terms block, multiblock read and clustering factor.

And yes, there will be chocolate!

There's still time to register. If you're not registered you can do so here.

We hope you can join us share the magic of SQL.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Andrew Reid Wednesday, December 23, 2015

    I introduced you when you gave your talk about indexes and full table scans. I really enjoyed it and have based the post above on it.

  • Chris Saxon Saturday, December 26, 2015

    Thanks Andrew, was great to meet you at UKOUG!

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