Celebrating the joy and power of Oracle SQL with the Oracle Developer Advocate team

  • February 18, 2015

select 'Hello world!' from dual;

Welcome to the blog of Oracle's Developer Advocates for SQL! We are Natalka Roshak and Chris Saxon and we're here to share the joy of SQL. Follow our blog here or follow our daily SQL tips on Twitter at @sqldaily.

About Chris

Chris has built up expertise in SQL over the past ten years working as an Oracle developer, DBA and architect. During this time he's built up a passion for interacting with data using SQL and helping others do the same. Combining this with a love of games and quizzes, Chris started the design quiz on the PL/SQL Challenge in 2013. He's looking forward to helping spread the word about SQL so that people get the most out of their data.

Chris blogs at www.sqlfail.com, at site where he shows how people fail to make appropriate use of Oracle using SQL and PL/SQL statements, along with SQL brainteasers and other topics that interest him. You can get in touch with Chris via email at chris.saxon@oracle.com or follow him on Twitter @chrisrsaxon.

About Natalka

Natalka Roshak is an Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. She's been using SQL for half her life, still has a lot to learn, and loves sharing what she learns. Natalka started out as a DBA/Developer working in SQL, Perl and PL/SQL. She spent several years at Harvard, where she wrote a data reconciliation program that saved the university thousands of man-hours and over $500,000 in corrected payroll errors, before joining Oracle as a member of the RAC support team. In addition to writing for OraFAQ and DevX, she's written over a hundred My Oracle Support articles.

Natalka tweets at @NatalkaRoshak and blogs at rdbms-insight.com.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • guest Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Yay, team, go, go \o/

    Now ODA acronym has two meanings... But your pics don't look to me like you're an Appliance, so I guess not much chance of confusion ;-)

    Best of luck to the ODA team and looking forward to bright future for SQL!

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