Goodbye I Love Logic Competition, Hello Speed SQL on Oracle Dev Gym

May 28, 2024 | 3 minute read
Chris Saxon
Developer Advocate
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After 14 years and over 700 questions we’re bringing the weekly I Love Logic competition quizzes on Oracle Dev Gym to an end. The last quiz will run from 28th June to 5th July 2024.

This has been a tough decision. Thousands of players have put their reasoning skills to the test in this challenge. We want to take a moment to reflect on the history of this competition.

The weekly logic quizzes launched with a Mastermind-style quiz on 25th June 2011. Since then over 69,000 answers have been submitted across 674 weekly quizzes and eleven championships.

Over time we’ve featured a range of question styles. These include Futoshiki, Renzoku, and the current "determine the algorithm" staple.

Community support has been the key to I Love Logic’s longevity. Players have submitted more than 270 comments pointing out quiz mistakes, asking for clarification, and giving encouragement. Their commitment has helped ensure our questions are of the highest standard.

This dedication has been clearest in the twelve players who’ve qualified for every playoff. Huge congratulations to these competitors:

Stelios Vlasopoulos, mentzel.iudith, Pavel Zeman, ted, JasonC, NielsHecker, Sandra99, James Su, richdellheim, umir, Vijay Mahawar, and seanm95

We also have honourable mentions to those who have qualified for all but one championship:

Talebian, RalfK, NickL, Eric Levin, and Chad Lee

Massive thanks

Many people have helped make the I Love Logic quizzes possible. We want to take a moment to recognize the efforts of:

  • Eli Feuerstein for writing the majority (630+) of these puzzles
  • Livio Curzola for reviewing 441 questions
  • The thousands of players who took part in the weekly quizzes

Why we’re ending I Love Logic

Late in 2023 we launched SQuizL, a Wordle-style guess the SQL statement quiz. This has proved popular with over 28,000 answers submitted. Stopping the logic quizzes enables us to focus on keeping SQuizL entertaining and challenging. It also gives us time to start more new SQL quizzes on Oracle Dev Gym.

Which leads us nicely onto:

Guess the missing keyword in TRUNCATE ???? league_owner.fixtures REUSE STORAGE CASCADE from the four options MODIFY, TRIGGER, INCREMENT, TABLE

A new SQL challenge

To start another new chapter on Oracle Dev Gym, we’ve launched a prototype of Speed SQL.

In this challenge, you’re shown a series of SQL statements. In each, we’ve replaced one of the keywords with ????. Your goal is to pick which of the four options below it complete the statement.

You have ninety seconds to solve twenty statements.

Can you guess them all?

We’d love to hear what you think of this challenge. Please use the feedback form on the results page to let us know what you love, loathe, and would like to change about Speed SQL.

Final logic quiz and celebration

To celebrate the end of this amazing journey, we plan on holding a final logic championship to say goodbye. We’re scheduling this for 2pm UK time on Thursday 18th July. We’ll invite the top 50 ranked players for 2024 and all players who have qualified for any previous Logic championship to compete.

If you’ve ranked in the top 50 players, keep an eye out for the email invite in the coming weeks. If you haven’t, there’s still a chance you can qualify by finishing in the top 50 for 2024.

Once the competition is over, you can continue to play all previous puzzles by viewing our quiz library. We’ll also continue to schedule an existing logic quiz to play every day – just for fun!

Chris Saxon

Developer Advocate

Chris Saxon is an Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. His job is to help you get the best out of the Oracle Database and have fun with SQL!

To help you with this he blogs at All Things SQL. He also creates videos combining SQL and magic on YouTube at the The Magic of SQL.

If you have questions about working with Oracle Database technology, please reach out to him. You can do this via Twitter or on Ask Tom.

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