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  • July 16, 2021

Free developer resources to help you get started with Oracle Database

Chris Saxon
Developer Advocate

Learn SQL with these free courses

Oracle Dev Gym has many classes to help you learn Oracle technology. All the classes include a free certificate of completion.

Databases for Developers: Foundations

Learn SQL in this FREE 12-part class. It covers the basics of SQL in Oracle Database, teaching you how to:

  • Create tables
  • Query and join tables
  • Add, change, and remove rows with insert, update, and delete

The course is a series of videos to teach you database concepts, interactive SQL tutorials, and quizzes to reinforce the ideas.

Databases for Developers: Next Level

This 10-part course continues where Databases for Developers: Foundations left off, taking you further on your SQL journey. It covers many data manipulation methods, including:

  • Sorting data
  • Getting running totals
  • Converting rows to columns
  • Hierarchical queries

As with Foundations, each module includes a video, interactive tutorials, and quizzes to test you.

Databases for Developers: Performance

Once you've mastered writing SQL, the next step is to learn how to make it fast. This class teaches you the basics of optimizing SQL. It shows you how to:

  • Get and read execution plans to understand how the database processes SQL
  • Make statements faster by creating indexes and materialized views
  • Find slow SQL

With a range of other tuning techniques, this class will start you on the path to being a SQL tuning expert. It follows the winning formula of videos, interactive SQL tutorials, and quizzes to teach you how to tune SQL.

Analytic SQL for Developers

This 6 module boot camp helps you become an expert with Oracle Analytic SQL functions. This course is a deeper dive into analytic functions. It teaches you how the over () clause works and use it to solve problems, including :

  • Rank rows
  • Get running totals
  • Find values from the next or previous row
  • Convert rows to string lists

Each module has a series of videos and quizzes to give you a thorough understanding of each topic.

Free access to Oracle Database

Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Oracle's Always Free cloud services are the perfect way to get started with Oracle Database. These give you unlimited access to:

  • 2 Autonomous Databases, 20 GB each
  • Up to 4 instances of Arm Compute
  • 200 GB block volume
  • 10 GB object storage

Oracle Live SQL

Live SQL is a free, browser-based SQL client. With Live SQL you can save and share your SQL scripts. You can also access the code library. This has thousands of scripts made by community members and a range of interactive tutorials from Oracle experts.

Oracle Database XE

If you want a local database get Oracle Database 18c Express Edition (XE). This is a full-featured release you can install on your machine - all completely free. With Oracle Database XE you can use up to:

  • 12 GB of user data
  • 2 GB of database RAM
  • 2 CPU threads
  • 3 Pluggable Databases

It also includes the In-Memory, Partitioning, Advanced Analytics, and Advanced Security options. This makes it an ideal local environment for you to tinker with Oracle Database.

Oracle Live Labs

To help you get started with Oracle's cloud services, Oracle LiveLabs has an extensive catalogue of workshops. These tutorials gives you free access to Oracle Cloud tools while you run the lab. With hundreds of workshops to choose from, you can get to grips with Oracle technologies. Whether you're a developer, DBA, or data scientist, you'll find labs to help you learn how these work.

Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development environment. Using APEX, developers can quickly develop and deploy compelling apps that solve real problems and provide immediate value.

Request a free workspace on apex.oracle.com to see how fast it is to build complete applications with APEX.

Stay in touch

Ask the Oracle Mentors (TOM)

Founded by Tom Kyte, Ask TOM is a place to get your questions about Oracle Database and related products answered by a team of Oracle experts. Submit your questions to the team or join the live Ask TOM Office Hours sessions.

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