Software Freedom Day 2008

Software freedom day was all planned out in about 10 days time and I had designed and printed out posters from Sun. We had planned the following technical sessions for that day:
  • VirtualBox
  • GIMP
  • Games

  • We had online registrations and a huge number of students had registered with us. But the weather was not on our side and a record braking heavy rainfall took place on 19th and 20th September. We were also skeptical about the participation that we would get due to such a harsh weather. We finally managed a participation of about 85 students. Some of the participants had even come from neighbouring colleges and other departments of Panjab University. We had set up an on-the-spot registration desk, where the students who actually turned up registered themselves and collected a copy of the days itinerary along with handouts on the following:
  • OpenSolaris
  • VirtualBox
  • MySQL
  • Netbeans
  • Lustre
  • Glassfish
  • Sun Student Datasheet
  • Open Source Gaming

  • For the initial period their was a power failure owing to the heavy rainfall. But soon the power was restored and we started with out sessions. I took the initial session on Introduction and the students were introduced about the Spirit of Software Freedom Day, and why we celebrated it. The role Sun plays in the world of Free and Open Source. Also an introduction to OpenSolaris was given to the students where the interesting features of this operating system was explained to them.

    This was followed by a session cum demonstration of VirtualBox by Ekansh Anand. He neatly explained the meaning of VirtualMachine and how it all works. Sumit Kalra helped him out in demonstrating the technology.

    In the following LAMP/SAMP stack for web development was explained to the students. Varun Mitra started off with a brief description on the Internet Connectivity, basic techniques for web development including static pages and Web Servers. I completed the session explaining to the students about the apache configuration, php programming, MySQL database, phpMyadmin, Xampp installation package and finally the Netbeans 6.5 IDE for php development.

    Anmol Batra gave the next session explaining students about GIMP and also demonstrated a few interesting manipulations that can be easily tackled by GIMP.

    After this session, the students were served hot coffee and pakodas which was certainly enjoyable owing to a cold and wet weather.

    The final session for the day was taken by Ayush Joshi. Ayush is an avid gamer and his presentation busted the myth that there are no Games on Linux/Solaris. His presentation was divided in to three parts. In the first part he showed how to play common Windows based games on Linux using Wine/Play-on-linux and inside VM like VirtualBox. In the next part various Open Source Games like Battle For Wesnoth, Bos Wars, Free Civ, Nexiuz, Open Arena, LinCity, Quake III etc. were demonstrated. The final part showed them how to get into open source games development taking Battle For Wesnoth and OpenCity as example. Karan Choudhary helped out Ayush to demonstrate all the games.

    Throughout the day we had a busy Installation Desk. Vikas Ruhela was responsible for the installations, and probably he had been the busiest of all. Many students bought their laptops for their installation and plenty of them carried Pen-Drives to take the setup files. Also our Labs were open the entire day and even after the session in the evening. Ritesh Kushwaha and Karan Choudhary were helping out the students in the Lab.

    Along with all the above mentioned names, I would also like to thank Rupak Banerjee for his all round contribution.

    All in all Software Freedom Day was well celebrated in my college and it was really fun. Hope to organize such events regularly at my college.

    mindblowin contribution...!!!
    tat mst b appreciated by uiet ppl...hats off 2 awl d members of d sfd team...
    being a uietian i cn understand d relevance f sch event...takin uiet 2 a greater d bst 2 awll...

    Posted by himanshu gupta on September 26, 2008 at 12:57 PM IST #

    Thank you souvik for the mention that i recieved in your blog. I hope i can be there for more such events.

    Posted by Rupak Banerjee on September 27, 2008 at 04:07 PM IST #

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