In Memory of Greg McMullan, 1963-2008

I was stunned to get email Sunday morning informing me that Greg McMullan had died in a house fire.  

Greg wasn't a close friend -- just someone I crossed paths with now and then, starting when I was a confused and clueless froshling at MIT.  He sticks in my memory as a very friendly, approachable and helpful person who could be relied on to give good advice and make me (and many others) feel at home in the high pressure environment of MIT.

I ran into him again perhaps ten or eleven years ago when he was showing off his new toy -- the first generation Palm Pilot.  I was sold almost immediately.

And I vaguely recall running into him when I was in a orchestra accompanying a large-scale choral work; he would have been singing, I had my trombone.. but for the life of me I can't remember what groups were involved or what piece we were doing.

Others have written far more about him; his brother's Live Journal page is probably the best starting point.


I worked with Greg in Neurology. I don't know anything about computers, except that in my basement I have lots of computer stuff. My husband used to have a computer kiosk business so we have lots of leftovers in the basement, if you want to look at any of it and piece together something please let me know.

Posted by Paula Damgaard on January 30, 2008 at 05:21 AM EST #

I remember when I first met Greg in Neurology. Greg was a free spirited kind of guy Greg never let things get to him. No matter how stressed the rest of us where Greg would take a break, a walk or just unwind by listening to his news radio or sending along funny e-mail forwards. Greg was a highly intelligent man. Our office relied on him to be Mr. Fix It. It was rare that our office called for help with our computers--because we knew that Greg was there and could fix it!! I remember Greg having a kind heart & always bringing a smile to your face by just being who he was. It gave me great pleasure to see how committed Greg became to walking. Everyday he made it a point on his lunch break to walk but never alone, Greg was an avid reader & always had a good book in tow. Greg recently acquired an interest for running, he ran with a great sense of pride. From the way Greg relayed it to me; he had me convinced that he was the best runner Charlottesville had ever seen. Greg excelled in all that he set out to do, conquering another great feat which was karate. One of my favorite memories of Greg was when Maya hired a singing telegram for his birthday… I believe. Greg’s face gleamed with excitement as if someone had just told him that he had won the lottery. Greg clapped and we all cheered, he was so pleasantly surprised, I will never forget that day. Greg had a very strong singing voice and once gave Justin M., Sara B. and myself a mini concert right from his cubicle!!! (those were the good old days) I forgot to mention that Greg was quite the dancer!!!! Greg really showed off his dancing skills at the Epilepsy Foundation of VA Fundraiser! (fun times) I never heard Greg say one bad thing about anyone; he was always looking on the brighter side of life. Greg will truly be missed by all. Greg, your loss came so suddenly, none of us were expecting it. You will be missed this misfortune is felt by all who knew you. For now just rest and know that where you are there are-no more tears; no more sorrow only joy and peace for eternity! My heart grieves for the family and friends that Greg left behind. I pray that you will find comfort in knowing that time will heal all pain. It was such a pleasure meeting Greg and I am a better person just by having made his acquaintance. Greg McMullan inspired me by mere reflection of his life to be a better person and to strive for all that you can achieve! Good Bye Greg.

Posted by Erinn Wilmott on January 31, 2008 at 07:14 AM EST #

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