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Xorg and the space monsters

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I use bloglines as my RSS feed aggregator since it's easy to access from all the different computers I use. Since it's pulling so many feeds for so many people, it has a huge source of incoming data. One of the options it provides is a custom feed of articles it finds in those blogs with certain words in - for instance, I get a list of anything it finds that mentions "Xorg" - which includes entries from RSS feeds for various downstream distributor's change logs as they pull in updates, blog entries and news articles from people trying it out and so on. Earlier this week a strange one popped in there though - it said "Help Moxy to defend his planet against Xorg and the space monsters." - turns out there's a shareware game called Moxy vs. the Space Monsters (other language versions here) where the big bad boss is named Xorg. I had to laugh - so does that make me one of the space monsters since I work with Xorg?

The hopefully final release candidate of Xorg X11R6.8 is frozen now, and the last planned round of testing has begun while work on the release notes and docs finishes up as well. The schedule has slipped a bit from the original plan, but it should still release RSN. Unfortunately, I've not had much time to help lately (or blog either as my three regular readers may have noticed) as I've been very very busy finishing up my big project for Solaris 10, which just got final approval and integrated yesterday for s10_67 (more on that later), and working on a whole bunch of smaller projects which I need to finish up now.

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  • Ryan Matteson Thursday, September 2, 2004
    What is the big project?!? I love all the cool new stuff going into Solaris 10!!!
    - Ryan
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