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X Changes in Nevada Builds 43-45

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I've fallen behind in both posting the code drops for the OpenSolaris X sources and the summaries of the code changes. I'll try to get back on track with the upcoming Nevada build 46, but for now here's some quick highlights of what went into builds 43, 44, and 45. (For the full list of changes, see the OpenSolaris X Community ChangeLogs page.)

Build 43 — Source Drop 20060612

6398796 Solaris-10: Unable to login thru xdm once password is aged
xdm suffered from the same problem as many legacy programs who had simple password checking code replaced with PAM - instead of implementing a full PAM conversation, where PAM could prompt the user for multiple items, or none at all if using non-keyboard-input authentication methods like smartcards or thumbprint scanners, it just continued to always ask for a username and password and pass them to PAM via a hack that simulated a conversation. While this bug could have been fixed by slightly extending that hack, our experience in trying that with xscreensaver and consultation with Sun's PAM gurus convinced us the best way to solve this was a complete rewrite of xdm's PAM code to offer a full conversation, so we didn't end up with multiple layers of hacks that still didn't offer the full PAM functionality and kept needing to be rewhacked for every place it was found a little more of PAM was needed. This rewrite has also been integrated to the X.Org xdm module, where it's planned for inclusion in an upcoming xdm 1.1 release.
6424854 Decomposition of SUNWxwplt [PSARC/2006/302]
In preparation for the upcoming switch of the Solaris x86 install mini-root from Xsun to Xorg, and to the delight of people everywhere who minimize their Solaris systems, the single SUNWxwplt package which previously contained both the Xsun server and the core X client libraries and applications has been split into three packages. Now SUNWxwplt is the core client-side of X, the parts other packages like Java depend on for libX11 and friends, while Xsun is in a new SUNWxsun-server package. The Xsun keytables were split out to a third package to allow us to hand off responsibility for that package to the localization centers in Sun who have been maintaining them in our package for several years now. And finally, Xprt was split out to a fourth package, to allow us to more easily change it from the old Xsun-based implementation to an Xorg-based version in the future.
6437461 Xorg modularization: common extension protocols
A whole bunch of headers for X11 protocol extensions (see the bug for the full list) were removed from our old X11R6 monolithic build tree and replaced with the corresponding X11R7 proto packages. Users shouldn't see anything, but people building will find us another step closer to being able to build the rest of the X11R7 stack.
And a whole batch of bugs from Henry Zhao's work to improve Xorg auto-configuration - he's working to get these upstream to X.Org as well.
  • 6420892 ATI ES1000: resolution too low on Sun 24-inch LCD
  • 6420309 auto-config improve: Need to move VBE DDC fallback probing from server to drivers
  • 6420320 auto-config improve: nv – Need to consider panel size in mode validation
  • 6420311 auto-config improve: Ferrari 4000 starts with blank screen without xorg.conf
  • 6437062 auto-config: radeon – reboot needed for CRT to function when connected later on Ferrari 4000

Build 44

6436994 radeon: negative refresh rates preventing resolution selection in JDS
Also reported as X.Org Bugzilla #6966, the refresh rates reported by Xrandr when using the ATI driver in MergedFB mode were the combined rates of both screens, which made them appear to be negative and thus caused the GNOME "Change Display Resolution" tool to declare them invalid and not let you change the resolution of a MergedFB display.
And a whole pile of fixes from the Solaris Trusted Extensions team for the XTSol X extension...

Build 45

6261914 Removal of STSF & Xst [PSARC 2006/087]
Sun stopped funding the STSF project a couple of years ago, and switched fully to using Xft in the JDS/GNOME desktop for the Solaris 10 release. This code has been causing problems lately for the integration of other projects, such as Project Looking Glass, so we've announced in the Solaris 10 6/06 release notes plans to remove in the future, and removed it now from Solaris Nevada.
6444546 ia_find_display has small memory leak / fails to cache
The bug report pretty much explains it all - fortunately, in most applications, this is called once during XOpenDisplay(), which most applications only call once, so you'ld lose only a handful of bytes per application. (This code is part of the SolarisIA extension for giving a kernel scheduler priority boost to the process with focus - we've made the code available to X.Org, but it's not integrated into any Xorg releases, so no one else has this particular leak either.)
6450019 root cannot unlock screen
A recent fix to the code in our xscreensaver to allow you to unlock a normal user's session with the root password unfortunately did not allow you to unlock a root session with any password. Oops! (But users who understand security don't login to a desktop session as root anyway.)

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  • The Gadster Monday, August 7, 2006
    Hi Alan,
    Great stuff, as usual, thanks.
    Can we expect Xorg to be available in the Sparc world, in an upcoming Nevada release?
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