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X Changes in Nevada Build 42

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Build 42 sources were posted last week in Source Drop 20060530, so it's time once again for the brief summary of what's changed.

6314490 X app dumps core with LC_ALL != C when XtOpenDisplay() is called twice
The bug report provides a pretty complete description - the fix from our i18n team updated the way we close dlopen()'ed locale modules in XCloseDisplay(). Our libX11 locale module handling is quite a bit different than the X.Org versions - hopefully we'll have the sources to that released to OpenSolaris in a few months.
6416842 [CVE-2006-1526] buffer overflow in Render extension in Xsun
We already released Xorg patches for the recent Render security hole for Solaris. The same code is present in the Xsun sources in Solaris 10 and later as well, but currently disabled at build time, so we checked in the fix to make sure that if we ever re-enable the code in Xsun we don't reintroduce the security hole, but aren't going to release patches that fix code that can't be run.
6425531 integer overflows in FreeType
The recent release of FreeType 2.2.1 included a number of fixes for integer overflows, to prevent crashes or memory corruption when processing fonts with invalid sizes for data tables. Unfortunately, it also includes changes which break the builds of many existing programs including GNOME's Pango library and the Xorg X server, so we can't just upgrade to it until all the software that uses it is fixed. Thus, we've pulled out the integer overflow checks and backported just those to our current FreeType 2.1.10 as a temporary fix.
And a huge pile of keytable and XKB layout data fixes from our localization teams:
  • 6310310 Belgian keytable file "Belgian5.kt" is not present in keytables directory 
  • 6325002 Norwegian "no" keyboard layout contains some wrong symbols.
  • 6339418 Can't switch to Finnish keyboard layout using Xsun.
  • 6353678 Hungarian keyboard layout for TYPE6 keyboards is missing for Xsun.
  • 6370065 New keyboard layouts does not work with XKB extension on x86 + Xsun.
  • 6370108 Bulgaria6.kt and Russia6.kt files contain no cyrillic symbols.
  • 6370138 Some keyboard layouts in nevada don't work in Xorg with SunTYPE6 keyboards
  • 6370147 Keyboard software for Macedonia needed.
  • 6370441 Cannot login in login window(dtlogin) when keyboard layout is changed from US English to Hebrew
  • 6384899 Slovenian keyboard layout for x86+Xsun and Sparc contains some errors.
  • 6384921 In Icelandic keyboard layout for x86+Xsun and Sparc are missing some symbols.
  • 6386202 Russian Xorg symbols file needs updated as it includes some incorrect key mappings
  • 6386205 Bulgarian Xorg symbols file needs updated as it includes some incorrect key mappings
  • 6389541 Croatia keyboard layout does not work in Xorg.
  • 6421192 Cyrillic based country layouts should toggle latin/cyrillic using Altgr key
  • 6426647 fr_CH and de_CH keyboard layouts have several wrong mappings on x86 (Xorg).
  • 6426648 fr_CH and de_CH keyboard layouts should be available directly form xorgconfig

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