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X Changes in Nevada Build 41

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I realized today when preparing the build 42 source drop that I had not yet posted the bug list from build 41 here - though it's been up on the ChangeLog page for two weeks, and the source was posted as Source Drop 20060516 at the same time.

6424349 prepare xscreensaver sources for OpenSolaris release
Sources for our highly-modified fork of xscreensaver 4.05 are now included in the main tarball. As an added bonus, the build 41 source drop included a separate tarball featuring a port of those changes to the recently released XScreenSaver 5.0 which is being tested for integration into a future build of Solaris. As you can see, we've made many changes, including the GTK+ unlock dialog box, a major overhaul of the PAM code to allow more complex PAM conversations than just “Type in your password,” support for accessibility helper programs, and a whole bunch of other things.
6425513 xproto 7.0.4 -> 7.0.5
This update simply pulled one of our previous Solaris patches directly into the upstream source since we contributed it back to X.Org after doing the 7.0.4 integration.
6425506 /usr/openwin/demo/maze segfaults when $DISPLAY not set
While this hasn't been released in our source drops yet, you can probably find lots of examples of this bug in other open source apps, especially those written on OS'es where passing NULL to printf routines doesn't cause core dumps as it does on Solaris (including the really old versions of SunOS this program was written for). The fix is trivial, since Xlib provides XDisplayName() for this very case:
   if ((dpy = XOpenDisplay(display)) == NULL)	{
-    fprintf(stderr, "Can\\'t open display: %s\\n",
-	    (display ? display : getenv("DISPLAY")));
+    fprintf(stderr, "Can\\'t open display: %s\\n", XDisplayName(display));
6424870 add symlinks in /usr/lib to libXrandr.so, etc
Most of the X libraries have symlinks in /usr/lib so they can be easier found by ld and dlopen(), but we hadn't added these yet for the libraries added to support Xorg extensions like Xrandr. Java wanted to dlopen these, so we added the links to avoid having to make Java do LD_LIBRARY_PATH or other workarounds.
6397125 Radeon driver: fails to read hsync/vsync rates from EDID
6423278 auto-config improve: radeon – Sometimes does not sort modes correctly
Two more fixes from our project to improve the configurations the Xorg server chooses by default when you don't have a configuration file or generate one via Xorg -configure. Henry Zhao, the engineer working on these fixes, has also been submitting them to X.Org so they may appear upstream in the future as well.

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