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X Changes in Nevada Build 39

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

The ChangeLog for the X Consolidation for Solaris Build 39 has now been posted. However, the source drop won't be available to next week due to some lab work that made our file server and build machines unavailable today, (and since I had to work on that, I couldn't prepare the source drop on other machines either).

For OpenSolaris source release, the most notable change in this build is that it contains the first replacement of existing Solaris X sources (from our not-yet-opened portion of the tree) with the equivalent sources from the X11R7 modular release, resulting in both a newer version of the sources being used in Solaris, and more sources available as part of our OpenSolaris release. It's nothing major - just the xproto-7.0.4 package which delivers the base X11 protocol headers and some headers used by the rest of the X stack, but it's the base of the modular dependency tree, and thus a necessary first step. (Functionality-wise, the most notable change in the headers is yet another batch of keysym name definitions.)

The full list of fixes is:

6406200 need trusted logo in xscreensaver lock program
When you lock the screen in a Solaris Trusted Extensions session, the logo will show you that, instead of showing the normal Solaris lock logo.
6385078 xlock is not passing PAM_CHANGE_EXPIRED_AUTHTOK to pam_chauthtok
A trivial fix noted by our PAM gurus after they found a similar problem in Solaris su - when a password has expired and you need to change it, you're supposed to call pam_chauthtok with the PAM_CHANGE_EXPIRED_AUTHTOK flag. The basic password Solaris PAM modules don't seem to have minded this omission, but others may need it.
6374699 FMRI application/x11/xfs should run as noaccess
For years on Solaris our inetd.conf entry to start the X Font Server listed it to run as the nobody user, even though that's really only supposed to be used on Solaris for NFS mounts when "squashing" root privileges. We copied that setting to the SMF manifest when we converted from inetd.conf to SMF, but have now updated that to the more appropriate noaccess account.
6411370 X sources should use FamilyInternet6 instead of FamilyInternetV6
When I first wrote the IPv6 changes for Solaris, I called the #define for the family name FamilyInternetV6, but when the X.Org standards committee reviewed it, they decided to drop the V to be consistent with other uses such as AF_INET6 in the BSD sockets API for IPv6. I finally updated the uses of this definition in the Solaris X sources to match.
6409332 infinite loop in XFlushInt() on x86/32-bit
See my previous blog entry on “The Compiler Bug that Wasn't”.
6411857 Xorg modularization: xproto-7.0.4
As noted above
6411989 makekeys needs to handle Unicode-mapped keysyms
Since the libX11 source hasn't been updated to the latest X.Org version yet, this change from the X.Org libX11 had to be pulled into the makekeys program used to generate the hash tables used in our existing libX11 to handle the new Unicode-mapped keysyms that are now in the keysymdef headers installed in the xproto-7.0.4 package.
6413255 xdm checks for username of "root" instead of uid 0 when doing non-console login check
The description pretty much says it all, and while we haven't released our xdm source yet, this change was given back to X.Org and is now included in the just-released xdm-1.0.4 module.
6303855 ATI driver performance is poor
As discussed in X.Org bug #5867, the ATI RageXL chips builtin to certain motherboards (including those of some Sun systems, like the Ultra 20) go faster if you tell Xorg not to use extra frame buffer memory to cache pixmaps. This is an updated fix for that which doesn't add a new configuration flag as was previously proposed.
6398094 default resolution too low on metropolis workstation
6406044 Screen off center with left margin on 24.1" monitor with analog input
Two more fixes from the team working to improve our Xorg autoconfiguration experience. These update the modeline selection code in Xorg and also incorporate the CVT code from X.org that Luc Verhaegen wrote for the soon-to-be-released Xorg 7.1.

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